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Deborah Heath

How did you start your company, Design by Deborah?

After qualifying as an Interior Designer, I worked for a designer part-time to enable me to work round a young family. However, it was always my intention to start my own … Read more →

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One Tower Bridge

If you go down to the Thames today you’re sure of a big surprise, for the best apartments that ever there were, have gathered there for certain because, today’s the day that One Tower Bridge goes on the maaaarketttt…

There’s … Read more →

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Irina Townsend

Irina Townsend

You often travel to seek new designers – which do you think are the most creative cities?

I think there is a lot of creative talent everywhere in the world and I always find something fascinating and inspiring in every … Read more →

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Shalini Misra

Sum up your style in three words…

Inviting, innovative, interesting.

What do you love most about your work?

With my architectural background, I love playing with volumes to create flexible space and I enjoy thinking outside of the box. As … Read more →

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Christopher Jenner

How would you describe your style?

Ethnographic materialism; an appreciation of culture and natural materials.

What has been the highlight of designing bathroom specialist Drummonds’ two new west London showrooms?

Helping brands to grow and develop a sense of identity … Read more →

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