My West London Life

Ewan Grant


We catch up with Ewan Grant, COO of Notting Hill Academy of Music and find out what sets the organisation apart from other music course institutions.

How long has NHAM been going and where did the idea come from?

NHAM is now in its fourth year; we took our first intake in January 2016 and we started a 6-month non-validated course. From December 2016 we began an academic cycle from September to June. The academy was set up to fill a void in music education;… Read more →

Dominic Paul


Dominic Paul on what it's like setting up your own cosmetics brand with your adopted mother

What do you love about west London?

I love how west London feels like you live in a small community even though you’re close to the hustle and bustle of London. I also love how relaxed and chilled everyone is.

What piqued your interest in makeup and cosmetics? Where did it all begin?

As a young child, I was… Read more →

Evelina Girling


Founder of the London Cabaret Club Evelina Girling spills the beans on what it's like to run one of London's glitziest offerings

What led you to work in such a fabulous industry?

Following business school in Sydney, I spent some time working in management consultancy & finance in London then moved to New York to continue further study in the Arts, where I became a huge Broadway theatre enthusiast. My working life subsequently… Read more →

Philippa Mitchell and Camilla Bankes


Creators of Luminous Facial Yoga, Philippa Mitchell and Camilla Bankes, share their vision of wellbeing and give us some tips on how to keep our faces youthful naturally.

What does wellbeing mean to you?

For us, wellbeing is a holistic approach to our health, physically, mentally and spiritually. A good sense of wellbeing should involve a calm, peaceful and relaxed mind, body and soul. So many things can contribute to a strong sense of wellbeing, ranging from nutrition,… Read more →

Mary Greenwell


Mary Greenwell Imedeen ambassador and living legend in the beauty world, Mary invites us into her glamorous life to talk Portobello, Lamu and '80s Paris with the original Supers...

Do you live in west London, if so where?

Yes, between Queensway and Notting Hill. But just out of Kensington & Chelsea, which is a huge source of resentment for me.

What are your favourite things about the area?

All my friends – I have so many in the neighbourhood. I love Portobello Road, Westbourne… Read more →

Weekly with David Boddy: Parenting Q&A 9


David Boddy, former Headmaster, grandfather of nine and now senior education consultant with home tutoring company, TUTOR DOCTOR, answers your questions on parenting...

Q: My 3- year- old goes to a nursery where other children are learning to read and write. He won’t even pick up a pen. Should I be worried?

A: Definitely not. I know of a youngster who didn’t show any interest in reading or writing until he turned 7, causing much anxiety to his parents. Now he is nearly 16… Read more →