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Mr David Gordon

Consultant Foot and Ankle Surgeon aka The Bunion Doctor, Mr David Gordon, spilled his secrets on 'healthy feet' and his favourite spots to visit in West London.

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Where is your practice based?

I work across three separate hospitals, Spire Harpenden Hospital which is in Hertfordshire, Spire Bushey Hospital in North London and at the London Clinic, based in Marylebone.

What is your favourite place to visit or favourite thing to do in London?

I love visiting The… Read more →

Liz Benjamin, Circuit Society

Liz Benjamin of Circuit Society Bayswater, on fitness, motherhood, & never giving up

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How did you get into fitness? Had it always been your thing?

I have loved fitness for as long as I can remember. In my teens and twenties, I used to go to the gym or run multiple times a week and during my pregnancies, I did low-impact workouts. It was only after my children reached the terrible two’s that I got… Read more →

The Cheltenham Festival & the Queens of Country Chic by CC Mason

CC Mason

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The Cheltenham Festival is celebrated as one of the biggest horse racing events in England, brimming with talented jockeys riding stunning stallions and raucous crowds with pints in one hand and betting slips in the other. However, the fashion at Cheltenham is just as important as the racing itself.… Read more →

Dr Joshua Van der Aa, Harley Street

We chat to Dr Joshua Van der Aa, the youngest cosmetic doctor to have his own practice on Harley Street

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What brought you to London and why?

Like many people, I moved here for work. I got a very tempting job offer incredibly early in my career that was too good not to go for: I pretty much packed my things immediately and moved!

How is life in London different to Belgium? Is there anything you miss about home?

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Actress & Comedian Juliet Cowan

Juliet Cowan on motherhood, being a TV veteran, & her new show at The Bush Theatre!

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Do you live or work in west London?

I live in west London. All my children were educated here. I consider it my home. My favourite thing about the area is the people. It is such a mixed area with so many people involved in the community, close second is the parks and trees.

What’s your favourite thing about

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Ellie Webb, founder of Caleño

Ellie Webb, founder of the alcohol-free drink, Caleño, on catering for younger generations & why they're drinking less!

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Do you live or work in west London?

I used to stay in West London quite a lot when my sister lived there, and currently, all of Caleño’s sales team are based in West London, so I’m there a lot!

What’s your favourite thing about the area?

I usually find myself between the city of Bristol and west London… Read more →