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Ketel One and No 29 Power Station West launch urban garden sanctuary and Clean Air Bar

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This summer, Ketel One Vodka is teaming up with independent neighbourhood bar No 29 Power Station West to launch The Ketel One Urban Garden Collective. This group of like-minded specialists are coming together through a shared desire to create a sanctuary in the heart of bustling London. Launched… Read more →

Catherine Salway and Andrea Waters

Catherine Salway and Andrea Waters, founders of all-vegan and alcohol-free Redemption Bar - which has just crowdfunded over £300k for further expansion - talk ethical business, female leadership, and the wonder of urban green spaces like Hyde Park

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What was the inspiration behind the launch of Redemption Bar?

It’s brilliant that so many people are choosing to lead healthier lifestyles, not just for themselves but for the planet. The younger generation are becoming more conscious, turning away from alcohol and consuming fewer animal products.… Read more →

Laure Patry

Laure Patry, group head sommelier of Jason Atherton's The Social Company, on falling in love with wine, taking guests on a tasting journey, getting hold of in-demand vintages, and Loire Valley chenin blanc

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You have worked in the wine industry from a young age; did you always know you wanted to work as a sommelier?

I always knew I wanted to work in a restaurant from a young age as I really enjoyed the service side of the work, and the interaction with the guests. The opportunity to learn about wine came when I finished… Read more →

Caroline Hall

Caroline Hall, co-founder of London's leading luxury catering company Rocket Food, on the 'endless' creativity of food, working with her brother, recreating the Titanic's first class menus for a party, and the perfect family feast

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What do you look for in food?

Fabulous ingredients (seasonal and local when possible), well balanced flavours and not over-worked.

How did you start Rocket Food, and how did it develop? Did you have to make any tough decisions?

We registered Rocket whilst on a family holiday in France watching the Sydney… Read more →

Tom Fletcher

Children's author and McFly singer-songwriter Tom Fletcher talks about Brain Freeze being chosen as a World Book Day title, writing strategies and his fascination with time travel

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Could you tell us a bit about your World Book Day title? What inspired you to create it?

My World Book Day book is called Brain Freeze and is about a girl who discovers she can freeze time if she eats enough ice cream. Not only that, she realises that using her Gramps’ old ice-cream van she can travel through… Read more →

Mark Tremlett

Eco-friendly mattress entrepreneur Mark Tremlett talks customers falling asleep in the studio, being a mattress guinea pig and favourite cocktails

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What inspired you to get into mattresses?

I grew up watching my father running his business in our family boatyard, and I noticed that a lot of people were buying very expensive boats, but inside they would sleep on rubbish mattresses. I thought, why would anyone buy a boat for half a million pounds, only… Read more →