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Buy A Villa For Under 10 Million Euros In St Tropez

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St Tropez is where you’ll find some of Europe’s most sought-after villas, and this can mean that property prices are driven up by demand. This chic pocket of the French Riviera is certainly not a ‘cheap’ place to buy, however you can buy a beautiful villa for under 10 million euros if you know where to look.… Read more →

Crossbasket Castle Hotel, Glasgow, Scotland

Kate-Lois Elliott visits Glasgow's hidden fairytale Crossbasket Castle

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If you’re thinking of going on a rural retreat to Scotland, East Kilbride isn’t exactly the first place you’d think of but let me challenge that. Crossbasket is a 17th century castle, which has recently been renovated into a hotel and events venue; when we arrived they’d… Read more →

The Fingal, Edinburgh, Scotland

Kate-Lois Elliott enjoys something different at The Fingal, Edinburgh

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The Credentials

Nestled in by some old railway tracks in a port in Leith, is the Fingal. The Fingal was built in 1963 and was used as a lighthouse service ship until it was docked, and subject to a five million pound renovation into a luxury ‘boatique’ hotel. For anyone who has never been in… Read more →

Hotel Villa Belvedere, Taormina, Sicily

Olivia Allwood-Mollon enjoys traditional Sicilian hospitality at Hotel Villa Belvedere, Taormina

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Villa Belvedere is a charming boutique hotel, located just a few minutes from Taormina’s lively town centre and world-famous Greco-Roman Theatre. Both are easily reached through the inspiring and panoramic Duca di Cesarò botanical gardens. The hotel has been owned and managed… Read more →

The Hari, London Belgravia

Jasmine Pradhan falls in love with The Hari, Belgravia, and declares it the perfect staycation destination

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It’s safe-to-say that 2020 has not been an easy ride so far. Aside from all the other awfulness that Covid-19 and Lockdown have wrought on every aspect of life, missing out on holidays and summer trips abroad has been an extra blow. There is only so much time you can spend in your own home and (if you’re… Read more →

Argentario Golf Resort & Spa, Italy

Katherine Brook indulges in adventure at Argentario Golf Resort & Spa, Tuscany, Italy

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The credentials

On the coastal side of Tuscany, not too far from Grosseto, there’s a small Island called Monte Argentario – almost an island, once it was but now it’s connected to the mainland by a train line and road, making it more of a peninsula. Because of its previous solidarity – and… Read more →