What I Know About Style

Lucy Macnamara


Lucy Macnamara on founding Aspiga, fashion inspiration & making a difference!

How and when did Aspiga come about? Were you always interested in fashion?

Whilst I was on holiday in Kenya in 2005, I was struck by the artistry and craftsmanship of the beautiful hand-beaded sandals, intricately adorned belts, and bold bright jewellery all made locally. Inspired, I spent the following… Read more →

Rachel Stepanek, founder of Mpira Richmond


We chat to Rachel Stepanek, founder of the sustainable clothing shop Mpira, Richmond

Tell us a bit about your brand, Mpira…

Mpira was created after taking a year out of working for some of the largest of the UK’s High Street retailers for over 15 years and looking at fast fashion and recycling waste increasing at a great pace.

What inspired you to set this up?

I love fashion and clothing and… Read more →

Pearl Lowe


Olivia Allwood-Mollon chats to Pearl Lowe about her new swimsuit collection!

Your range is inspired by your house by the sea – can you tell us more about the house, and how it came about?

I have always dreamt of owning a property by the sea. I spent hours during lockdown looking on the internet for a coastal home. One night I stumbled across a pretty wooden house. It wasn’t an area… Read more →

Billie Jacobina and Josiah Carter


We caught up with Billie Jacobina & Below Deck's Josiah Carter, founders of House of XOXO

Hi Josiah & Billie, together you’re the founders of ethical loungewear brand, House of XOXO! Can you tell us what your inspiration for the brand was and how it came about?

Josiah: For me, the inspiration had a lot to do with travelling and being stylish yet comfortable while doing so. I used to travel… Read more →

Emma Wallace


Kate Elliott meets the Hong Kong based British designer, Emma Wallace

What I Know About Style

The stimulus for your SS22 collection is butterflies. What’s the inspiration behind this?
I was spending a lot of time in my garden during lockdown and it really reminded me how much I love the outdoors and the wonders of nature. I especially loved butterflies and was inspired by… Read more →

Susana Lorena, founder of Maison SL


Olivia Allwood-Mollon interviews Susana Lorena, founder of Ledbury Road lingerie store, Maison SL

How did you get into lingerie, was it something you’d always been interested in?

I always loved lingerie. I remember getting my first bra, when I was a teenager. I had a boyish figure as a girl and a late developer and I will never forget the experience of feeling like a woman for the first time. That experience… Read more →