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Happy half term for kids and parents: relax with meaningful screen time with Readly digital magazine app

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We all need a break from home school but with lockdown continuing, what activities can you do to ensure the children still enjoy the break and you manage to relax a little whilst minimising meaningless screen time? With a growing need for entertainment, inspiration and relaxation at home, a subscription… Read more →

Why the Pandemic is Causing Spikes in Break-ups and Divorces

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As well as the death rates and illnesses caused by the pandemic, there have been many other knock-on effects such as increased mental health issues, business interruption and education disruption. Lockdown restrictions and other factors have brought challenges that nobody could have predicted.… Read more →

Are Home Workouts as Effective as Gym Workouts?

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Following the closure of gyms across the country throughout the UK’s sporadic COVID-19 lockdowns, many people have been forced to workout in their homes. Some prefer it, others hate it, but one thing everyone wants to know is, are gym workouts actually better for you than home workouts? The first thing… Read more →

Cibdol is paving the way for innovative CBD solutions

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CBD is rapidly increasing in popularity across the world and the UK. What makes this substance so special, and how is it different from cannabis? Cibdol is a market leader in the field of CBD and is situated in Switzerland. With their products, they are serving the global market. In this article we will… Read more →

Create a New Year Smile You’ll Love with SmileDirectClub

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Boxing Day Beauty Deal £100 off from 26th-31st December!

Get ready to create a smile that you’ll love in the New Year with SmileDirectClub, the oral care leader with the first medtech platform for teeth straightening. This Boxing Day, SmileDirectClub is offering £100 off its clear aligners, plus… Read more →

Patrizia Manias

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The Blurb

The stunning new addition to the Patrizia Manias group sits on Shelton Street in Covent garden. Bearing more than a passing resemblance to Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks, the space is dominated by floor-to-ceiling windows and a wonderfully elegant black onyx and Hermes orange colour scheme.… Read more →