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Hounslow Leisure Centres Announce National Fitness Day

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National Fitness Day, set to be the most active day of the year, takes place on Wednesday 22nd September and to help encourage the community to get active Lampton Leisure will be hosting a cycle challenge for members and non-members throughout the day.

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CBD benefits for the human body

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The human body can be very fragile and there are so many people in the world who suffer from all different kinds of ailments and diseases. CBD is a natural alternative to healing and can help with all your medical problems, but what is CBD? CBD is one of the 2 main active ingredients in the marijuana plant… Read more →

When is the best time to get pregnant?

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Trying to conceive or even planning when to get pregnant can be a difficult topic. But, why should it be? The Fertility Partnership (TFP), one of the UK’s largest IVF providers and fertility specialists, shares some insight into the best time to get pregnant and factors to consider when planning for… Read more →

Secondary School parents are set to spend £24 billion on tutors

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With back to school this September, new research from Tutorful, the experts in online tutoring, reveals that 78% of secondary school parents think that the pandemic has had a negative impact on their child’s education, with parents believing that their child (aged between 11 to 18yrs) is behind a whole… Read more →

Ice Health Cryotherapy London

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What They Say

“Following a year of the pandemic, Founder of Ice Health Cryotherapy London, Alla Pashynska knows how more important Contrast Cryotherapy therapy will be to her clients.  Alla is now the UK pioneer of Cryostimulation and her latest machine, loved by sports stars and celebrities, offers… Read more →

Dermal fillers with Dr Leah, Baker Street

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The Blurb

Dr Leah Totton is an experienced cosmetic doctor, spokesperson for safety and improved regulation in the UK cosmetic industry and an advocate of natural-looking cosmetic outcomes. Dr Leah’s aim when she founded Dr Leah Clinics in 2014, was to set a new ‘Gold Standard’ in the unregulated cosmetic… Read more →