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Five immersive London experiences great for people with dementia

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We all know that London is a city that’s bursting with life and from north to south, east to west there really is something for everyone. It’s a cultural hub of the world and whatever your interest, whatever your abilities or disabilities there are things to do that you can really fall in love with. Dementia… Read more →

The Body Lab

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What they say

The Body Lab’s goal is to empower their member’s health journey by providing access to cutting-edge technology and advanced wellness programs, overseen by industry professionals in an atmosphere where they can thrive. The sleek and pristine lab, just off Kensington High… Read more →

Aesthetic Medical Supplies: Ensuring Quality and Value in Aesthetics

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The dynamic landscape of aesthetic medicine underscores the critical role that dermal filler products, is paramount. The quality of dermal fillers—a staple in aesthetic medicine—plays a significant role in enhancing skin appearance and achieving long-lasting treatment results. Quality in… Read more →

Illuminate Your Smile With Proven Whitening

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A radiant smile catches the eye and paves the road for successful communication with others. The smile elements involve well-aligned white teeth framed by healthy gingiva and lips. If you dream of having a Hollywood smile, you are not alone. Teeth whitening has attracted much attention; hence, multiple… Read more →

Dr Dean Robaye at the Sloane Clinic, Harley Street

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Dean Rhobaye is a leading authority and specialist in minimally invasive and non-surgical facial aesthetic procedures with an additional background of thirteen years of experience in plastic reconstructive and aesthetic Surgery. It’s no surprise that Dr Dean is a fountain of knowledge.… Read more →

What to Do When Struggling With Your Health

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Even if you lead a generally healthy lifestyle, it won’t mean that you will always feel at your best. Everyone will find that their health deteriorates every now and then. If you are struggling with a new or existing health condition, or you simply are not feeling as well as you should, here are some of the… Read more →