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What makes for a rock ‘n’ roll life?


Do I need guys to make my life feel rock ‘n’ roll?

‘My life isn’t feeling very rock ‘n’ roll right now,’ I messaged my neighbour, who had made it clear he wasn’t interested in me, saying that work was currently dominating his life.

The Musician messaged me the following day, wanting to know when I would next be in London. I still hadn’t decided where I would be spending Christmas. A few exotic locations were suggested and an invite to hang out with him and an A-list singer in Dublin for New Year’s Eve when they would be performing. I messaged Trustafarian to help me decide. A couple of hours later, a business class flight had been booked for a festive island getaway with Trustafarian. What fun!

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WLG on first date venues


'I hate beer – why would anyone want to pay more for it?'

‘I went on a first date with a good-looking South African, but he suggested a bar specialising in craft beer. I hate beer – why would anyone want to pay more for it? And my profile specifically included “oenophile.” It wasn’t like he needed to Google stalk me to discover that much,’ my friend relayed the details of her one and only Tinder date.

Meanwhile, Susan Sarandon recently revealed her ideal first date venue to the Evening Standard: the pet cemetery in Hyde Park, explaining that, ‘It’s probably something you’ve never done before and will give you lots of time to talk.’ It’s not likely that everyone wants to be thinking about death during a first date, though.

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Girls just want to have fun… With younger guys


‘Does he live in Dubai? And is he young/rich enough for you?’

Maddie knows how to have fun. She is dating a teacher, 10 years her junior, who currently lives on another continent. She met him around the same time she met Billy Billionaire, who is 15 years her senior and lives nearby. I met Maddie at a dinner party, during which time she revealed how she chose the teacher over Billy.
‘I found a joke really amusing so I forwarded it to both of them. The teacher found it funny, but Billy replied: “I don’t get it”.’

Okay, being able to share a joke is pretty important to a lot of relationships, but we want more than that. To an independent, experienced woman like Maddie, flying on a private jet is … Read more →

Not dating in Dubai


‘Is he usually that awkward?’

My dating life in Dubai has gone from abysmal to non-existent. It turned out that Quentin, the vet, whom I thought had flirted with me during a drawn-out visit with my sick street cat, was merely incompetent.

My friend’s husband, Tony, picked me and the cat up in his Range Rover for the return visit. ‘Is your vet usually that awkward?’ Tony asked as we returned to the car. ‘I think even your cat was thinking, “Get me away from this weirdo.”
‘Thank you for enduring that cringe-worthy trip,’ I replied.
‘At one stage, I’m sure he asked your cat, “Come on, tell me what’s wrong.” But then he paused and actually waited for a response.’

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Who needs Snapchat to stalk someone?


'He doesn't seem to wear a wedding ring so it's an easy mistake to make'

It previously drew criticism for facilitating underage sexting and now Snapchat is under fire for its latest feature. Snap Maps uses augmented reality technology to allow other users to track your location in real time as you post pictures. In the first few days of its release, child charity NSPCC was one of many organisations that warned about the feature’s potential to expose children to stalkers. My first thought, however, was that the feature could contribute to a huge amount of pressure on child friendships. Kids can use the app to check whether or not they are left out of any social invites and compare how others are spending their spare time.

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WLG on cultivating a beginner’s mind


'He’s been on Tinder/Happn/Inner Circle, talking to girls for quite some time’

Dubai is a small city. One of the ladies forwarded a screenshot of her Tinder conversation to our ‘ladies nights’ WhatsApp group. Two of the other ladies immediately recognised him from their own previous Tinder experiences. Sabine, in particular, remembered him because he’d blocked her after she refused to send him a picture of herself. ‘You need to consider that he’s been on Tinder/Happn/Inner Circle, talking to girls for quite some time,’ she warned. ‘But then I should probably be cultivating a “beginner’s mind.”’ And she forwarded a link to a lecture by Abbess Zenkel Blanche Hartman that she’d been reading.

Apparently, beginner’s mind is Zen practice in action. In order to live in … Read more →