West London Girl

Girls just want to have fun… With younger guys


‘Does he live in Dubai? And is he young/rich enough for you?’

Maddie knows how to have fun. She is dating a teacher, 10 years her junior, who currently lives on another continent. She met him around the same time she met Billy Billionaire, who is 15 years her senior and lives nearby. I met Maddie at a dinner party, during which time she revealed how she chose the teacher over Billy.
‘I found a joke really amusing so I forwarded it to both of them. The teacher found it funny, but Billy replied: “I don’t get it”.’

Okay, being able to share a joke is pretty important to a lot of relationships, but we want more than that. To an independent, experienced woman like Maddie, flying on a private jet is a fun experience, but a guy with a sense of adventure is even more exciting. Maddie and I joked about her setting me up with Billy. ‘We didn’t even kiss so he won’t be a sloppy second,’ she said. But the truth was, I was more interested in the host’s cute brother, who, disappointingly, hadn’t joined us because he was on holiday.

I forwarded a pic of the cute brother to Sabine. ‘Does he live in Dubai? And is he young/rich enough for you?’
‘I think he’s eight years younger, don’t you?’
‘I’d say seven years younger. Definitely hot, though. And he looks like he knows how to party.’

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