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Jeany Cronk

Wine producer Jeany Cronk on moving the whole family to Provence, expressing her passions through work, mounds of French paperwork and "beautiful, uncomplicated" rosé

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What inspired you to up sticks and move to the French countryside to start your wine brand, Mirabeau en Provence?

That’s simple- Stephen and I were madly passionate about Provence Rosé and we were big time Francophiles. So when the … Read more →

Kelty Caston

The Christmas Forest founder Kelty Caston on adventures from Africa to Richmond, the challenges of working with trees, reforesting African drylands, and a 40-year-old knitted Christmas pudding!

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How did you get started in in the Christmas tree business, and what did you do before it?

I was a bit of an adventurer—I was a ski instructor and then I had a holiday company and took people to … Read more →

Nahid de Belgeonne

Yoga expert and founder of Good Vibes Studios Nahid de Belgeonne on mindful movement, singing chakra mantras with Alicia Keys, and being an eternal student

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What inspired you to take up yoga, how did it all begin?

I had a really stressful job in technology dealing with TV companies. The contract over-promised and my job was to negotiate the under-delivery…!

I’ve kept fit all of … Read more →

Richard Cooke

Royal Choral Society Music Director Richard Cooke talks intimate choral venues, getting into conducting and all-encompassing Beethoven

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Did you always want to be a choral conductor or did you start out as a choral singer or musician?

I was a chorister at St Paul’s Cathedral from the age of eight, and I used to listen to a … Read more →

Alexander Mercury

Actor-director Alexander Mercury discusses the inspiration behind his directorial debut, Mama - Saint Sebastian, being kicked out of the UK, and the enduring power of Charlie Chaplin

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Tell us a bit about yourself…

I was born in Siberia, an industrial town called Krasnoyarsk. Countless factories kept the sky wonderfully grey all year round. Regardless, I had a beautiful childhood escaping to my dacha—a countryside house—where I spent … Read more →

Natasha Barnes

Singer and actress Natasha Barnes on signing to Sony Music, being tone deaf as a child and an alternate life as a boxer

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You’ve just been signed to Sony Music; how does that feel?

It wasn’t something I was expecting at all; I work mainly in theatre and, despite always being in love with many genres of music, I never saw myself as … Read more →