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Charlie Siem

One of the foremost young violinists in the world, Charlie Siem talks performing with The Who, investing in the next generation of artists, and the difficulty of picking a favourite composer

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At only 32, Charlie Siem has garnered worldwide recognition, performing internationally with some of the world’s finest orchestras and chamber ensembles, including the London Symphony Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Camerata Salzburg and Israel Philharmonic.

Not only will he be performing

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Natasha Lee

Natasha Lee, founder of healthy and sustainable children's food service Wild Child Kitchen, on encouraging children to be more adventurous with food, the pressure of being a sole founder, making nutritious food accessible and eating her way around the world

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What inspired you to create Wild Child Kitchen?

The idea itself was something that came together over a few months—I had become increasingly interested in the growing wellness space but couldn’t understand why so much of our attention was … Read more →

Alex Eid

CEO and founder of groundbreaking rental platform Homie, Alex Eid talks about receiving $4 million in investment, moving house in three days, & finding an area that feels like home

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Can you tell us a bit about Homie and what inspired you to set it up?

Homie is London’s platform for renters providing a service that rewrites the way people currently rent. I came up with the idea back in … Read more →

Jeany Cronk

Wine producer Jeany Cronk on moving the whole family to Provence, expressing her passions through work, mounds of French paperwork and "beautiful, uncomplicated" rosé

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What inspired you to up sticks and move to the French countryside to start your wine brand, Mirabeau en Provence?

That’s simple- Stephen and I were madly passionate about Provence Rosé and we were big time Francophiles. So when the … Read more →

Kelty Caston

The Christmas Forest founder Kelty Caston on adventures from Africa to Richmond, the challenges of working with trees, reforesting African drylands, and a 40-year-old knitted Christmas pudding!

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How did you get started in in the Christmas tree business, and what did you do before it?

I was a bit of an adventurer—I was a ski instructor and then I had a holiday company and took people to … Read more →

Nahid de Belgeonne

Yoga expert and founder of Good Vibes Studios Nahid de Belgeonne on mindful movement, singing chakra mantras with Alicia Keys, and being an eternal student

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What inspired you to take up yoga, how did it all begin?

I had a really stressful job in technology dealing with TV companies. The contract over-promised and my job was to negotiate the under-delivery…!

I’ve kept fit all of … Read more →