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Becca Powers

West London Living chats to Becca Powers, author of Harness Your Inner CEO: Rise Into Your Power, Passion, and Prosperity

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Hi Becca, your new book, Harness Your Inner CEO: Rise Into Your Power, Passion, and Prosperity, is out very soon. Can you tell us a bit about your own personal journey to finding your inner CEO?

It was 2013, I … Read more →

Danielle De Niese

Opera's leading lady, Danielle De Niese, on family life, gratitude and her lifelong love of opera

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Hi Danielle, firstly congratulations on your new baby daughter!

Thank you, she’s so sweet. It was a surprise discovered in lockdown, but not a corona baby. We couldn’t believe we’d gotten a girl as Gus has 5 boys! But she’s … Read more →

Catherine Flay, Head of Lafiy Press

We chatted to Catherine Flay, founder of Lafiy Press, the publishing house pushing for diversity in literature

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Hi Catherine, you’re the founder of Lafiy Press, a new publishing house committed to diversifying the book industry. What inspired you to set this up?

There were a number of things that came together, some long term, some short term.… Read more →


We chatted to Steinsdotter, about her new EP, Blood Eagle, and the ancient Norse practice of Seiðr that shaped her identity

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Hi Steinsdotter, you’re known for being a musician, performance artist and a practicing Norse witch. What’s an average day in your life like?

I love to wake super early like 4 AM and to begin my morning ritual before the … Read more →

The Mac Twins: founders of The Gut Stuff

West London Living interviews The Mac Twins, Virgin Radio Presenters & founders of The Gut Stuff

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Hi Lisa and Alana, you’re better known as The Mac Twins, Virgin Radio presenters and DJs whose list of credits are too long for me to do justice to! What have been your career highlights so far?

Lisa: Last year … Read more →

Dr Adanna Steinacker, co-founder of The Adanna & David Family Youtube & Instagram Channels

We chatted to Dr Adanna Steinacker about building The Adanna & David Family Youtube Channel, practicing gratitude and the importance of education

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Hi Adanna, you’re well known for your Youtube channel, The Adanna David Family. What was your journey to starting the channel and did you always intend for it to grow in the way that it has?

Our journey started in … Read more →