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Top Products: Your Guide to Summer Beauty

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With the soaring temperatures set to be around all summer (hurrah) you may be searching for some beauty saviours to make getting ready for 30 degree heat a little more tolerable. As far as we’re concerned, summer beauty products should

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All natural Bali Body products to boost your summer glow

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My Instagram is filled with beautiful girls with bodies and tans to die for, all with one thing in common – a little bottle of Bali Body sitting right next to them. For someone who believes life is better with … Read more →

How the internet can make it easier to get fit

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Getting fit is a goal that many of us share these days. Yet not all of us manage to find the motivation to keep going and achieve our targets. There are a Mr Green casino has teamed up with Ve.… Read more →

Pollution: How it affects sleep and what you can do about it

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We all love the refreshing feeling that comes after a good night’s sleep, but for those living in busy cities like London, the knock-on effects of light and noise pollution can be incredibly disruptive and harmful to sleep quality and … Read more →

"Avocado is cool." (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Fanni Blake

Five tips to get your body and mind ready for summer

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Adopting bad habits in the winter is a bad habit in itself. It can begin to feel as though neglecting your skincare, skipping yoga, and waking up late is your new standard routine. While spring welcomes those longer and warmer … Read more →

Natural products to refresh your hair for the spring season

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Now that spring is here and the summer is approaching you’ll be looking to give your hair a refresh, perhaps with a few highlights, a new cut or just switching up your hair care products. Whether you’re loyal to your … Read more →