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How to become a successful nail technician

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Do you feel it is time to enhance your career in the nail industry? It might be that you have been working on friends and family and having a growing reputation for excellent work. It might be that you have … Read more →

Create a New Year Smile You’ll Love with SmileDirectClub

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Boxing Day Beauty Deal £100 off from 26th-31st December!

Get ready to create a smile that you’ll love in the New Year with SmileDirectClub, the oral care leader with the first medtech platform for teeth straightening. This Boxing Day, … Read more →

Everything you need to know about SALON64

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Located in the heart of London’s Soho, SALON64 is more than just hair salon; a vibrant social hub offering a luxury destination to all, combining exquisite hair services and opulent interior design across two floors.

Founded by Ricky Walters in … Read more →

The 4 Bad Babits You Should Kick to the Kerb This Month

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We all have bad habits, whether it’s never answering your phone, losing your house keys, playing with your hair, drinking too much coffee…Thankfully, most of them are perfectly harmless, however, some habits are more detrimental than others. Some habits are … Read more →

Tackling Pain and Inflammation with CBD Oil

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Many people who live with pain and inflammation will know just how difficult it can make day to day life. Pain and inflammation can arise for various reasons such as an injury, too much strain on the muscles and joints, … Read more →

A New Gadget to Fight Period Pain

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Compact and discreet, Livia is a portable, wearable device that stimulates nerves to block pain.

No more waiting for pain killers to take effect or relying on bulky hot water bottles – Livia uses technology based on the gate control … Read more →