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A New Gadget to Fight Period Pain

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Compact and discreet, Livia is a portable, wearable device that stimulates nerves to block pain.

No more waiting for pain killers to take effect or relying on bulky hot water bottles – Livia uses technology based on the gate control … Read more →

GetSetGo! The Ultimate Family Club, Opening in South West London 2020/21

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Work has officially started on a brand-new club dedicated to families in South West London.

Coolsculpting and Fat Facts

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Which areas of the body tend to hold onto fat more than others/are harder to shed?

There is a genetic predisposition to storing fat, but that does depend on diet and lifestyle which are the environmental factors that increase the … Read more →

Frontline Immune Support Team Initiative – Keep the Funds Coming!

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NHS frontline staff – they don’t want to be called heroes they say. But we know they are the stars of recent times, many risking their own lives in the fight against Coronavirus every day that they go to work. … Read more →

Skincare Gifts for Dads to Suit Any Budget This Father’s Day

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Monat Black 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner, £32

For the dads who love taking care of their appearance. Luxury vegan MONAT Black 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner cleanses and conditions while retaining essential moisture and balance for youthful, healthy-looking hair. With MONAT’s … Read more →

DIY Your Beauty Regime

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Indiba Deep Care launches at Harvey Nichols’ Beyond MediSpa, Knightsbridge