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World Radiology Day – Light Years of Advancement at the Heart of Healthcare

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In light of World Radiology day, Wednesday 8 November 2017, Highgate Private Hospital highlights how imaging and diagnostics has contributed to better treatment success rates.

Radiology has been at the forefront of medical technology since its inception in 1895 by … Read more →

Stress in the Workplace

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Many of us have been in the unfortunate situation of having a terrible day at work, or sometimes many terrible days in a row. Perhaps your boss is micromanaging you, and you find yourself having some difficulty throughout the day … Read more →

Natural products to refresh your hair for the spring season

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Now that spring is here and the summer is approaching you’ll be looking to give your hair a refresh, perhaps with a few highlights, a new cut or just switching up your hair care products. Whether you’re loyal to your … Read more →

tayla stone

Top Parenting bloggers highlight the importance of a simple health check

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Singer Taylor Swift famously presented her mum with an overall health screen check appointment as a seasonal gift in 2015. When the results came back they gave an early diagnosis of cancer. This early diagnosis ensured an early treatment plan … Read more →

New Snow Sports Injury Clinic opens to help prevent more serious complications

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Snow sports enthusiasts are at risk of more serious injury complications due to insufficient diagnosis on skiing or snowboarding holidays, say medical experts at Highgate Private Hospital. Consultants Dr Ademola Adejuwon and Dr James Thing of the hospital’s Sports … Read more →

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Interview tips for people with hearing loss—a how-to guide

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Hearing loss, especially age-related hearing loss, is a common condition that affects many job seekers. Here is a how-to guide that will help to better manage the situation and improve your job interview chances.

Remember that your hearing loss is … Read more →