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Our Go-To Premium CBD Brand

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Pioneers in hemp cultivation and sustainable farming, Zoetic CBD products are premium and entirely THC free. Free from chemicals, neurotoxins and any artificial ingredients, Zoetic CBD does not produce any psychoactive effects and is extracted from organic hemp plants using … Read more →

Interview: Gerard Barnes, CEO of Smart TMS

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What does Smart TMS offer and for what mental health conditions?

Smart TMS offers repeated transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) for a range of mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, OCD, alcohol and cocaine addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder. TMS, uses pulsing … Read more →

Varidesk Review

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“Think On Your Feet” is a well-known saying. Standing at work may seem like the latest fad but it’s been around longer than you may think. Throughout history, prominent figures have been very successful standing whilst they work. Standing boosts … Read more →

Take 3: Up-Dos

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Andy’s Salon

West London ladies in the know have hair guru Andy Sharma’s Wimbledon Village salon on speed dial, not least for those occasions when a glamorous up-do is called for. From intricate braiding to polished power ponies, buns or … Read more →

Commonly Misdiagnosed Symptoms in Children to be Aware of this Winter

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With the National Health Service at an all time low following years of budget cuts, staff shortages and a lack of resources it is easy to see how being under such pressure can take a toll on the quality of … Read more →

Top Products: Your Guide to Summer Beauty

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With the soaring temperatures set to be around all summer (hurrah) you may be searching for some beauty saviours to make getting ready for 30 degree heat a little more tolerable. As far as we’re concerned, summer beauty products should

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