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Five immersive London experiences great for people with dementia

We all know that London is a city that’s bursting with life and from north to south, east to west there really is something for everyone.

It’s a cultural hub of the world and whatever your interest, whatever your abilities or disabilities there are things to do that you can really fall in love with.

Dementia is a condition that can make everyday tasks and everyday activities a little more difficult, but across London there are some great activities to take loved ones out of a residential dementia care home and really immerse them in the culture of the city, all tailored to suit their needs.

So, if you’re visiting London or have a loved one living with dementia in and around the city, here are five great experiences in the capital perfect for people living with dementia.

Museum Visits with Dementia-Friendly Programmes

Firstly, what you’ll find is that many of the museums in London do offer dementia friendly programmes that can really immerse them in the space. You’ll gind the likes of the British Museum and Tate Modern, as well as a host more, all have tailored programmes and dementia friendly sessions, from guided tours to interactive workshops and a host of other sensory activities.

There’s also the Museum of London, which has two sites with the main one at London Wall is currently closed, but they are moving to a new home in Smithfield: https://www.museumoflondon.org.uk/museum-london. People can still visit them at Museum of London Docklands in Canary Wharf in the meantime

Head over to their websites and you’ll find all their upcoming dementia friendly activities on their events pages.

Thames River Boat Cruises

River cruises allow you to see the beauty of London from a different perspective, with many of the tours allowing you to tick off all the iconic landmarks, from the Tower of London to the Houses of Parliament, Globe Theatre and beyond.

It’s a more relaxing way to see the sights than on foot and there are a host of accessible boat tours on the banks of the Thames that provide informative commentary in a more relaxed and comfortable environment.

Theatre Matinees with Dementia-Friendly Performances

A West End show could prove overwhelming for a person with dementia. However, there are certain theatres that offer dementia friendly performances. Providing a more relaxed atmosphere, they are specifically designed to accommodate people with dementia and their carers, all in a supportive and inclusive setting.

Often, the lighting, sound and seating arrangements will be adjusted to make for a more accessible and comfortable space.

Sensory Gardens and Parks

Exploring sensory gardens and parks can provide therapeutic benefits for individuals with dementia.

There are so many quiet green spaces in the city from the Kyoto Garden in Holland Park to the Regent’s Park Queen Mary’s Gardens, where you can enjoy fragrant flowers, soothing water features, and peaceful surroundings. Sensory gardens are designed to engage the senses through sight, touch, and smell, promoting relaxation and well-being.

Historical Walking Tours of Neighbourhoods

Finally, learning about the history of London and its neighbourhoods can be fascinating, especially for people who aren’t from the city. There are many routes that are accessible and leisurely, with the likes of Notting Hill, Hampstead Village also providing a more relaxed environment than central London locations.

You’ll find many guided tours cater for people with all needs, so it’s just a case of doing your research and finding a tour that suits both the interests and needs of your loved one.

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