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5 Things to Consider When Picking a University

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If you’re looking to go into higher education, it’s important that you find a university that caters to your needs. Choosing the right university will be one of the biggest decisions that you make in life, and will have an influence on your professional endeavours. Finding the right course and establishment… Read more →

Helping Out During Covid-19

Jasmine Pradhan interviews Duncan Pope who has been 3d printing PPE for the NHS

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Jasmine Pradhan interviews Duncan Pope, one of the people stepping in to produce Personal Protective Equipment for the NHS…

Hello! You’re an independent set builder and carpenter by trade, but after losing your work due to Covid-19 you took the initiative to start producing personal protective

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Has the Lockdown Made It Harder to Stick to New Year Resolutions?

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Given the severity of the situation, your New Year Resolutions aren’t really that important in the grand scheme of things during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, if you’re one of the few people that had made it to March 23rd without abandoning the new and improved lifestyle, you will… Read more →

What Is the Importance of Medical Translation Today?

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Medicine is one of the most important fields of science because it saves millions of lives every day. The technological progress we are currently experiencing has enabled to significantly improve treatment methods. From month to month there is a greater number of drugs and specialised medical equipment… Read more →

Quality of Life: Tips for Dealing with Long-Term Health Issues

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Organising your approach to health will prevent chronic illnesses from worsening. Long-term medical problems rely on an approach that is both realistic and unique to the individual. Hearing problems that are treated with in canal hearing aids require weekly maintenance. Pacemakers need general… Read more →

Is Your Sweatshirt Oversized? Read These 7 Tips on How to Make It Look Fashionable

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Women have many fashion options when they know how to accessorize an item correctly. For example, an over-sized sweatshirt is considered a comfortable look but, when paired with the right accessories, it can look stylish and chic. Below is a closer look at seven different ways to take an oversized sweatshirt… Read more →