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The Best Ways To Whiten Your Teeth On A Budget

We have all been there.

We wake up one morning, take a look in the mirror and realise our teeth are not as white as we would like them to be. We then call our local dentist to get a quote for teeth whitening only for us to have a near panic attack at the eye-watering quote given to us.

We put the phone down, hands still shaking at the thought of handing over a silly amount of money just to get our teeth a few shades whiter. We reassure ourselves that Hollywood smiles are only for the rich and famous.

But that’s not the case. In fact, you can achieve the same teeth whitening results at home, at a fraction of the cost and without all the fuss and stress of going to the dentist.

To put things into context, according to the latest research and statistics, the worldwide teeth whitening market in 2021 was worth approximately $6.4 billion – that’s a lot of teeth whitening!

Whether you’re looking for quick and effective whitening results or want long-term Hollywood-esque brightness, it’s easy to achieve at home when you know how.

When it comes to effective home teeth whitening, there are 2 options – teeth whitening strips or teeth whitening gels. In this guide, we will give you a quick insight into each of these whitening systems so you can decide which one is right for you.

Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strips have fast become the #1 home teeth whitening system, simply because they are cheap, fast and effective.

If you are worried about using high-strength teeth whitening gels, or just want quick results, maybe for an upcoming event or night out, teeth whitening strips are your answer.

Whitening strips usually come in a box with individual ‘pouches’ for each treatment. In each pouch, there is a strip for the upper row teeth and a strip for the lower row teeth.

Simply attach each strip to the upper and lower teeth rows and keep them attached to the teeth for the recommended amount of time. Do this each day for the recommended amount of days (or just a few days if you are short on time) and sure enough, your teeth will be much whiter – no fuss, no hassle!

Everyone recommends Crest teeth whitening strips because they are simply the best and most effective. You can also get teeth whitening strips from other brands like Oral-B and Hismile etc but these aren’t as effective as Crest’s strips according to the many reviews and testimonials across the web.

Whitening Gels

The original teeth whitening system – teeth whitening gels are much more complex and fiddly to use but they do provide the best and long-term whitening results.

Before using teeth whitening gels, it is highly recommended you speak to your dentist first to get professional advice because if used incorrectly, whitening gel can cause serious harm to your teeth, gums and oral health.

To use whitening gels, first, you need to get mouldable plastic trays that are shaped to the form of your teeth – this is to ensure the whitening gel can be tightly pressed on the front of each tooth without making contact with the gums or leaking out into your mouth.

You can get custom mouth trays made for your teeth by your dentist but this can be costly. Alternatively, you can purchase mouldable mouth trays, and with some hot water and gentle moulding, can get them to mould to your teeth quite easily, all in the comfort of your own home.

Once you have the mouldable trays ready to go, it’s just a simple case of following the product instructions and inserting the correct amount of whitening gel into each tooth compartment in the mouth tray. Once the mouth trays are filled with the correct amount of whitening gel, you simply insert and fix the trays onto each row of teeth, ensure they are properly attached and then leave in for the recommended amount of time.

In terms of the best teeth whitening gel system, the original and most recommended worldwide is Philips Zoom teeth whitening gel. Philips Zoom advise they have over 1 million satisfied customers worldwide and with a quick check on Google and YouTube, you will find lots of testimonials and 5-star reviews. Also, most dentists use Philips Zoom as their chosen whitening system.

Other recommended teeth whitening gel brands worth looking into include Opalescence and SDI Pola. These teeth whitening brands also have fantastic reviews and testimonials worldwide (SDI Pola are sponsors of the Miss World competition).


The days when you could only go to the dentist to get your teeth whitened are firmly behind us. Nowadays, whitening your teeth at home is just as easy as other beauty regimes.

As long as you get professional advice, are not careless, take the necessary precautions and follow the product instructions exactly as recommended, you can achieve amazing teeth whitening results at a fraction of the cost dentists will charge.

If you are interested in home teeth whitening products, there are many online teeth whitening brands you can check out, however, 365 Teeth Whitening are the UK’s #1 teeth whitening brand, known for only stocking the best teeth whitening products and providing exceptional customer service to their customers, so we recommend you start your teeth whitening journey there.

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