Larry Walshe

We hear you’ve been commissioned by Royal Households, numerous A-list celebrities, luxury brands and hundreds of brides and grooms worldwide. Can you recall your most exciting commission, and why?

Our work has taken us across 3 continents; whether we are producing a wedding in Lake Como, creating a holiday party in New York or building a pop-up restaurant in Saudi Arabia, each and every project is exciting to us. Our work is always varied, always challenging and always unique – this is what drives our team.

Would you say your arrangements have a signature style? How would you describe this?

Absolutely – our style is versatile however we always believe you can identify one of our projects. We design with abundance and generosity at the core and have a masculine silhouette packed full of femininity and texture.

Tell us about Bloom – how does it differ from other flower delivery services?

Bloom is the first online florist in the UK to be 100% plastic-free and sustainable. Creating a luxurious gifting opportunity that didn’t hurt the earth, or your pocket for that matter, was incredibly important to us. We used our time during the COVID-19 pandemic to research and develop a meaningful response to the increased need for sustainability across the floral retail sector and are very proud to have created a brand with purpose and conscience.

Where did your interest in environmentalism come from?

I believe that we are all becoming acutely aware of the need for increased sustainability. Time at home during lockdown for many made them realise just how much waste one household consumes and the amount of unsustainable packaging we throw away each week. The floral industry is hugely wasteful and has been overlooked for too long so when looking a designing a new brand, we wanted to develop one that didn’t greenwash, but rather provide a meaningful response to the need for enhanced sustainability.

How did you get into floristry? Had you always known what you wanted to do?

No! I was working as a wedding planner and during my time, realised that I was hugely passionate about the way in which flowers can transform a space and create environments like no other. I have always had a strong interest in design and had trained in both retail and interior design at university. I became frustrated with the offering that was being made available in the UK and felt that if I thought I could do it better, I should go and put my money where my mouth was…so I did! I am thrilled to say that since that day, I have never looked back and my team are now responsible for creating some of the most noteworthy and most discussed celebrations on the planet.

Do you have a favourite artist, creator, or designer? What makes them special?

No, I seek inspiration from so many sources that to pick one just wouldn’t be possible. I love cubism, brutalism and anything striking. Alexander McQueen and Issey Miyake have always been favourites through their development of silhouette, shape and form.

Where is your favourite place in the world, and why?

Lake Como! It is the most calming, inspiring, relaxing and beautiful location.

Do you have a favourite London hangout?

Westbourne Grove. From brunch to shopping, a leisurely stroll around this glorious neighbourhood makes for the perfect Sunday Funday.

Do you have any upcoming projects in the pipeline to look out for?

Yes, many! Make sure to keep an eye out on our Instagram account.

What is your favourite flower and why?

My favourite flower changes on a daily basis! There are just so many to select that each day I claim a different flower is my new favourite. From clematis and dahlias to vanda orchids and hydrangeas, I love them all!

And your favourite scent?

Sweetpeas! They are the most delicate and sweet scent imaginable, and I can’t get enough!

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