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Why Dating on The Inner Circle Actually Works!


How I found my Inner Circle... And a wonderful chap named Hugo!

With another depressing Valentine’s Day behind me and all my previously single friends shacked up and bunking down for romantic nights in, I’m beginning to question all those evenings spent alone with my cat… I’ve never been short of dates, but I‘m just not meeting anyone I could see myself with.



Bored of builders on Tinder asking me for my number to ‘whatsapp’ (read send dick pics), or Happn matches just not being, well, much of a match, I thought I’d see if I made the cut for a more sophisticated dating site, known simply as The Inner Circle.

The Inner Circle hand-reviews prospective members with real humans, using real judgement, to bring you a curated selection of people with similar social circles, interests and haunts.

The Inner Circle bypasses a whole lot of scary. You can see a lot about someone and what you guys have in common, and its members are varied but all successful, well-adjusted and ambitious. You don’t have to be the richest, best-looking or loudest person at the party to join, but it just attracts a better class of daters, perhaps people more serious about meeting up than those just absent-mindededly Tinder swiping on the tube.

Having a look around their site I saw they also host events, and let you know which members are new in town or in another city you may be visiting. There’s also an option to say what you fancy doing that evening and see who else is up for it. There seem a whole load of ways of using The Inner Circle, from going to events where you’re bound to meet people you click with, to chatting and messaging before committing to a date.

After chatting online with a gorgeous guy who once lived with one of my old uni buddies, it was with a combination of optimism and trepidation I found myself setting off into the cold February chill to meet Hugo. Hugo turned out to be lovely. I’m meeting him again for supper on Wednesday and couldn’t be more thrilled. Wish me luck!

To see what I’m talking about, head to and register for free!

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