West London Girl

What makes for a rock ‘n’ roll life?


Do I need guys to make my life feel rock ‘n’ roll?

‘My life isn’t feeling very rock ‘n’ roll right now,’ I messaged my neighbour, who had made it clear he wasn’t interested in me, saying that work was currently dominating his life.

The Musician messaged me the following day, wanting to know when I would next be in London. I still hadn’t decided where I would be spending Christmas. A few exotic locations were suggested and an invite to hang out with him and an A-list singer in Dublin for New Year’s Eve when they would be performing. I messaged Trustafarian to help me decide. A couple of hours later, a business class flight had been booked for a festive island getaway with Trustafarian. What fun!

Which got me thinking… Do I need guys to make my life feel rock ‘n’ roll? A fling with Graffiti Boy, a weekend in Beirut with Tennis Player, the Hollywood romcom-style break-up, hanging out with a sheikh in Oman during a trip with my good friend Monique… These were all times that friends had described as rock ‘n’ roll.

But then I interviewed an inspiring artist, who travels the world, at her Aladdin’s-Cave-meets-art-gallery home. Talented, cultured and thoroughly fun, she is someone who knows how to live. And there are plenty of rock ‘n’ roll women I get to meet and hang out with, from creatives to tech geeks, who share their passions, travels and initiatives with me.

I don’t just need guys to make my life feel rock ‘n’ roll; I need the adventurous women in my life, too.

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