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I seem to be attracting the flashy, flaky and full of s***

More than one in three men in Britain feel lonely at least once a week, according to a study released this week. What’s more, loneliness peaks at age 35, with 9% of men that age saying they have no regular friends. The possible reasons given include unemployment, relationship break-ups, bereavement and moving away from family and friends. These are, of course, situations that women regularly face too, so why are men more adversely affected than women? Solid friendships not only require investment, but an ability to open up and be vulnerable. The Jo Cox Commission, which conducted the survey, will explore how and why men experience loneliness, and how to combat it. No doubt the continued research will reveal that the West’s narrow definition of masculinity plays a significant role…

A couple of friends were surprised by how much I’m enjoying my new life in Dubai. It’s down to the new friendships. However, I’m less optimistic about the chances of finding a lasting romantic relationship. One new friend, Sabine, who has lived here for more than a decade, is considering moving to the south of France to improve her chances of meeting a decent guy.

‘So what’s the deal with dating?’ Al asked. ‘Flaky, scarcity or both?’
‘I seem to be attracting the flashy, flaky and full of s***,’ I replied.
‘Ha.”Flashy, flaky and full of s***” should be a movie title. Is it possible to adjust your criteria a tad? Go for a more down-to-earth, but still generous guy?’
‘They’re the flaky and full of s*** guys. At least the flashy ones pick me up in a nice car and take me somewhere nice.’

I just hope my new friend Sabine doesn’t move any time soon. When Chloe visited she reminded me of something Charlotte said in Sex and the City, ‘Maybe we can be each other’s soul mates and then we can let men be just these great, nice guys to have fun with.’

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