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Not only are these women open and hospitable but they’re savvy

Every month I need to find a beautiful home to feature in an interiors magazine that I edit. I’ll often ask a contact if they know anyone and s/he’ll think of someone with an amazing home but often the home owner/tenant is too private to want to show their home off to a lifestyle magazine, particularly if male. Hence, most of the homes we feature belong to women or families – but the woman will be the star of the feature.

Through the home tours, I get to discover someone’s personal style, see inside their home and get a glimpse of their life. Not only are these women open and hospitable but they’re savvy: there was the fashion designer and mother to two young children with her at-home atelier; the interior designer, who followed up to ask me to include the types of projects that she is available for in the article; another mother who asked me to include the name of her business early on in the feature; and the celebrity entrepreneur, who confided that she got a discount on her hotel residence with a strong social media and PR proposal. I’m sure the hotel is more than happy with the publicity: we were the first of that day’s three photo shoots with her. The women always put a lot of time and effort into making their homes and themselves picture-perfect ready for the shoots, which our small magazine team is grateful for.

Outside of the day job, I’ve also met a lady whose home belongs more to the cats, whom she rescues, than herself. She works full time as well as running a charity that not only rescues animals but also runs programmes to educate and raise awareness to improve animal welfare in the community.

When I asked the entrepreneur what home means to her she said it meant everything; it was where she worked, enjoyed spending time with friends and it was her sanctuary… ‘Can I get back to you on that one,’ she said out of frustration because she couldn’t sum up succinctly exactly what her home means to her.

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