West London Girl

After one too many cocktails…


‘I’ll add him to my to-do list for tomorrow then'

After one too many Orkney Bee cocktails with the girls at Smith & Wollensky, we parted to go our separate ways. ‘My head is spinning,’ I messaged our WhatsApp group when I arrived home.

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‘You are such a lightweight,’ Chloe replied.
‘What do you think about this guy for a date? He was in the play I saw last night.’ I forwarded a pic that I’d downloaded from IMDB.
‘Yeees – go out with him,’ Chloe messaged.
‘WLG – you are hilarious. He looks about 17,’ Liz added.
‘I’ll add him to my to-do list for tomorrow then,’ I joked.

But I couldn’t wait that long. I sent the Actor a message on Facebook. The girls wanted to know what I’d sent. I forwarded an image of my Chinese takeaway.
‘You sent a picture of tofu?!’ Liz asked.
‘Fancy some?’
‘You did not say that,’ Chloe swiftly replied.


I clearly had had one too many cocktails: I struggled through the next morning nursing a terrible hangover. At lunchtime, I messaged the girls’ Whatsapp group. ‘Anyone got a PR request for a restaurant to review that I can take for lunchtime tomorrow?’
‘Hmmm, bit short notice. Why so soon?’ Liz replied.
‘I can’t let a theatre actor, who is probably 15 years younger than me, take me out for lunch!’
‘Get your gym slip out, WLG,’ Liz quipped.

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