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How to find a date without Tinder


'I’m always a gun for hire’

Ladies used to ask if the blog was true and then want to know how I met my dates in my pre Hot Danish days. Openings, reviews and events are perfect opportunities for a lifestyle journalist to find dates and if that failed then I could always organise an interview with someone hot, single although quite possibly gay.

However, times have changed (does the rise of Tinder mean everyone’s into casual dating?), a change of country (Englishman are natural flirts; the Dutch are, well, naturally direct) and job (I’m based in the Ugly Tower) means fresh challenges.

I sought Plan B’s advice, ‘Have you tried Inner Circle?’
‘I’m sorry but I don’t do anal,’ he quipped. He didn’t rate Tinder either. He advised hanging out in bars. ‘I don’t think I’d bother looking if I wasn’t feeling frustrated,’ I admitted.
‘I would lend you mine, but it might interfere with our friendship.’
‘You once said you didn’t do emergency call-outs,’ I laughed.
‘Did I? Obviously playing hard to get. I’m always a gun for hire.’
‘So I slept with a French guy who threw a tantrum because I didn’t want to stay the night.’
‘What – when did you shag a French guy? Did you ask me first? My memory is terrible.’
‘It was pre HD – three years ago. I only know because of the blog.’
‘Three years? Really? What the heck have I been up to?’

I decided to message three contacts: the editor of Fantastic Man (perhaps he could find me a FM); a model website founder (one way to avoid dating down); and a guy who runs a comedy club (guaranteed gsoh?)…

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