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Bamford, Brompton Cross

What They Say

“Bamford Wellness Spa Brompton Cross is a holistic wellness space designed to recharge, restore and nourish body, mind and spirit. Inspired by the natural surroundings of our original location in the Cotswolds, we have brought nature into an urban setting creating a sanctuary of calm in the heart of the city. Across three floors, we invite you to discover one of the three pillars in their well-being philosophy… ‘move’, ‘breathe’ and ‘heal'”


Founded by Baroness Carole Bamford, OBE of Daylesford Organic fame, Bamford, Brompton Cross has a Nordic vibe. Gas flame fires are set into white-washed walls. There are rails of sumptuous cashmere, deliciously scented offerings from the Bamford product range and crystal gizmos, gadgets and trinkets to treat all ills.

As I approach the reception desk, I’m warmly greeted by an army of pyjama-clad therapists who seat me in a comfortable rattan chair, offer me some water and hand me an questionnaire to fill out. And who do I spy as I look up from my clipboard? Only the high-priestess of luxury and good-living herself… Dame Joan Collins.

The Treatment

Natasha, who performs the massage, takes me up the winding staircase to the treatment room, which is simply decorated in shades of white with nods to the natural world. There’s a marble tap, cedar detailing and a large copper basinet in the bathroom (I’m not sure what it’s for, but I like it.)

I undress, put on a pair of paper pants and lie down on the couch. Because I’m pregnant, Natasha positions me on my side with a pregnancy pillow between my legs and arms  – I feel instantly relaxed. Natasha is extremely reassuring and calmly talks me through the process and the products that she’ll be using which include… a baby-friendly calendula and a marjoram and lavender scented eye pillow.

Natasha’s silky soft palms gently work their way across my lower back and limbs. Her touch is delicate but effective. Next she goes to work on the knots in my neck… of which there are many. As she gently kneads my upper shoulder, I’m quickly enveloped into a state of deep relaxation. The gently rhythmic massage continues to the small of my back and sides. We finish with some much welcome reflexology which pays particular attention to my slightly swollen ankles.

The Results

My neck and shoulder tension entirely evaporated, I drift down the stairs feeling lighter, brighter and ready for a nap. Thank goodness daytime naps are not only permitted, but encouraged when you’re pregnant! Before I head out, the ever accomodating reception team bring me a cup of fresh mint tea and a tube of their beautifully scented Bamford Rose and Hand Balm to take home.

The Details

A pregnancy massage at Bamford, Brompton Cross costs £150.00

104 Draycott Ave, London SW3 3AE

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