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Tansy Haak from Kind Collection


We talk ‘diamonds under the cooker’ and ‘worklife balance’ with jewellery and bespoke engagement ring designer, Tansy Haak of KIND Collection

Tansy Haak has long been inspired by West London and the people who live here. So much so, that it was the birthplace of both her daughter, Isla Zee and her eco-friendly fine jewellery brand, KIND.

What are your favourite West London spots?

I love a wander along the river near Hammersmith on a sunny weekend. Perhaps a glass of wine on the wall with friends. The Falafel wraps at Shepherds’ Bush Market are a favourite, as are the Basil G&Ts at The Old Oak on Goldhawk Road.

How did you get into jewellery, is it something you’ve always been passionate about?

I have always loved it. After graduating from art school, I developed my practice as a sculptor for five years before gravitating towards the jewellery industry. I mainly worked in metal, making large-scale copper and aluminium sculptures so jewellery felt like a natural progression. I took a six week evening class at City Lit and launched KIND in 2016. Since then, I have learnt on the job and the brand has evolved from a collection of fine jewellery to a portfolio of thousands of wedding, engagement ring and heirloom pieces. You can see the evolution of it through my Instagram grid. I adore working on different designs and creating pieces which represent people’s personalities and desires.

Tell us about your favourite piece to make.

I was lucky enough to work on the most beautiful Oval Diamond Trilogy ring recently, using just over two carats of Canada Mark Diamonds and set in 18ct Fair mined Gold. The design was timeless yet contemporary and it’s simplicity let the beauty of the materials do the talking!

Have you ever had any jewellery-related disasters?

I have never had any disasters working on projects, but i did once lose my own diamond underneath the cooker. After the initial panic, I used a torch to slowly scour the ground and amazingly caught a glint of it in a gap between my floorboards. I managed to lift the floorboard slightly and used a very fine file with a lump of wax on the end to gently pick it up. It was so nerve racking, but after a couple of attempts i was able to manouver it through the gap and out to safety!

What makes a piece that people will want to treasure forever?

Jewellery is a beautiful way to celebrate the people we love and the milestones we reach. Each piece tells a story and some of my favourite pieces to work on are KIND Rework x Recycle projects.

For these, I work directly with clients to re-imagine and re-make existing pieces of jewellery. These may have been inherited from someone special or remind them of a magical moment, but for whatever reason, they sit unworn at the bottom of their jewellery box. Reusing these materials and reimagining them into a new style feels so special. They hold all the original sentimentality, but are now ready to tell a new story and be worn long into the future.

We know that sustainability is important to you, how do you ensure your day-to-day practice aligns with your ethos?

The materials we use and where they come from has always been at the core of KIND’s ethos. We use 100% recycled precious metals and there is also the option for fair mined gold and silver which is responsibly mined in Peru & Colombia. Our diamonds and gemstones are sourced from trusted suppliers who have spent decades working in the industry and have direct contact with the mines. We plant a tree for each piece of jewellery we make and make pieces to order to prevent dead stock and excessive power usage. These practices ensure that both people and planet are cared for in every step of our process. It’s as important to us as creating timeless jewellery.

Tell us about the jewellery that you wear every day.

I wear a Wild Love Signet Ring which I adore and a necklace for each of my three babes. A Horizon Bar for Isla Zee, an Otto Disk for Frankie Wilde and a Large Polaris Star Disc for Etta Skye. Each is engraved with their name or initial in my own handwriting to make them unique to me.

Are there any other creatives who inspire you?

I have always been in awe of anyone who follows their creative passions. There is nothing more inspiring than watching someone in their groove, be it music, writing, painting or building.

I adore the paintings of artists Alice Hartley and Camilla Perkins and the stunning music composed and played by Alex Reeve of Ideophone. I’m in awe of my husband Charlie who can effortlessly throw together bits of scrap wood to create beautiful features whilst slowly turning our house into our home.

What’s next for Kind Collection?

I’ve spent the last year establishing a better work/life balance and with three kids in tow, it’s important to be present and engaged for them but also to continue my passion. My focus at the moment is on my bespoke work and my favourite aspect of this is sitting down with clients over coffee, getting to know them and talking through their ideas so I can develop them into a piece of jewellery that they will treasure and pass down to their loved ones.

You can see the latest offerings from KIND here….


And keep up with the latest pieces on instagram.

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