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Sundays Sleepwear


We caught up with the team behind Sundays Sleepwear in our latest 'What I know about Style'

You’re a mother and daughter team! Tell us about your background and what led you to starting Sundays Sleepwear together?

Mum has around 30 years’ experience in the clothing industry specifically focused on lounge and sleepwear.  Her experience ranges from supplying some of the largest national retailers, to small boutiques. Naturally, from a young age I was surrounded by her manufacturing process and the intricacies of her business. As I grew older, I would always love helping design new garments and we would spend hours creating new collections—it would bring us both such joy seeing the final product come to life.

Years later, it was the right time for us both to ‘officially’ start working together – launching Sundays Sleepwear. At Sundays, we still spend hours together forming each collection and sourcing the  best quality fabrics. But we run different parts of the business – which makes us work well together as a team. Mum is focused on the manufacturing and production of our products – a natural fit for her industry expertise, attention to detail, and excellent process management. I love the creativity and operations of crating our branding, website design and delivery of products.

How did you select the brand name and what message did you want to convey?

Our mission is to bring comfort and happiness to others by offering high-quality, uplifting sleepwear. Our ultimate goal is to celebrate the joy of relaxation in a wholesome way… which is why we chose the name ‘Sundays.’ To us Sunday is the day of the week which is associated with fully rejuvenating – whether that’s having a long lunch with family and friends, reading a book on the couch, taking a long bath… whatever you need to fully switch off! We want to make every evening a feel-good Sunday.

Our sleepwear is manufactured with the utmost care using premium fabrics. Sundays sleepwear is for the big moments (getting ready on your wedding day or becoming a new mum) as well as the small everyday joys (lounging at home, making a cup of coffee)… our sleepwear is designed to be in your wardrobe for years!

What is your favourite two-piece from the collection?

We carefully select our fabrics and prints, and truly adore each piece. My personal favourite is our Floral Blues set.

What’s next for Sundays Sleepwear?

From a strategic perspective, we’re now focused on growing our brand awareness, following the launch of Sundays Sleepwear at the end of 2023.

On the product side, we’re so excited to have just launched a new Spring collection. We’ll be at the ‘by Beautiful Brands’ Spring pop-up on May 16th at the Chelsea Town Hall – hope to see you there!

Anything else about the brand we should know?

Giving back is important to us. We donate a percentage of our profits to a charity in South Africa that does great work supporting orphaned and vulnerable children.

Where is the business based and what’s your favourite thing about the area?

We’re based in Clapham and our favourite thing about the area is the wonderful community of friends that live around us which make it home!

For now, we’re an e-commerce store but open to stocking in select stores and boutiques… any partnership opportunities or questions please reach out to us at: hello@sundayssleepwear.com


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