Christopher Jenner

How would you describe your style?

Ethnographic materialism; an appreciation of culture and natural materials.

What has been the highlight of designing bathroom specialist Drummonds’ two new west London showrooms?

Helping brands to grow and develop a sense of identity is my key objective. It’s hugely rewarding to see their world take shape through our creativity.


You’ve also designed a collaborative collection for the company – what inspired it?

The craft processes at the heart of the Drummonds’ brand are quite special. I was challenged to find a way in which we could utilise these time-honoured skills in a new freestanding collection of furniture for the bathroom.

We all know Drummonds for their classic cast-iron pieces. However, I wanted to explore the relationship between this technique and traditional English carpentry. To develop a new material language for the brand, informed by the classic country house aesthetic yet fundamentally contemporary and urban.


What’s your favourite city?

London trumps every time. It has the best food scene of any global city, inspired strolling and an unmatched choice in men’s fashion.

If you could only own one design classic what would it be?

I covet nothing.

What’s your favourite era for design?

None specifically, however Art Nouveau is currently a major touch point and influence in my studio.

We are designing a department store in St Petersburg in an original Art Nouveau building and a large part of our influence for the recently opened ticket hall for the Eurostar in St Pancras is inspired by this transformative, organic period. This influence is really allowing us to explore the nature of structure and form in quite unprecedented ways.

Do you prefer commercial or residential projects?

Both have their challenges. In the commercial environment you need to lend your abilities in favour of the brand and strategy, whereas with private residential projects it’s about considering clients’ personality and history. Similar but very different. The key objective is to impart a considered value.

What are you most proud of?

My staff for their incredible commitment and talent. I can confidently say I have the most talented staff in the world.

What are your key influences?

I would say the key influence in my work is less specific to a style, era or material. I’m more interested in realising a sense of identity though the medium of craft, uniting craft and identity to resolve a challenge, communicate a message or tell a story.

At home, which room do you spend most time in?

My home is an Arts and Crafts cottage, with the ground floor all knocked into one large space and divided by 19th century Chinese screens. It’s a single space combining living, cooking and eating. A thoroughly modern style of living.

What does ‘home’ mean to you?

Retreat, rest, restore.

Christopher Jenner for Drummonds;; Drummonds;; 020 7376 4499

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