Shalini Misra

Sum up your style in three words…

Inviting, innovative, interesting.

What do you love most about your work?

With my architectural background, I love playing with volumes to create flexible space and I enjoy thinking outside of the box. As an interior designer, layering with different materials and textures adds another dimension to the space and makes it cohesive.


What’s the toughest part of the job?

Being a perfectionist, I find snagging [the process of cleaning, identifying and tracking defects before project completion] at the end of a job and dealing with suppliers who are late or faulty very tough.

What inspires you most?

Nature inspires my design, especially the patterns it creates.

What’s your favourite London building?

The Royal Albert Hall. I love its strong elliptical form, inspired by Roman amphitheatres. Completed in 1871, it was constructed using six million beautiful Fareham red bricks, with terracotta block decorations and an 800-foot decorative mosaic frieze depicting the Triumph of Arts and Sciences.

What project have you most enjoyed working on?

A private home for a client whose third home I have just completed. Art, architecture and interiors all speak to each other and the 1850s house has been completely stripped back and restored to its former glory by reinstating cornices etc.

What’s your philosophy on life?

Enjoy every moment; be thirsty for knowledge.


What’s your favourite place to be?

Hampstead Heath. The views are fantastic, the people are friendly and it’s great to be outdoors. Considering how close the Heath is to central London, it’s amazing how easily you can forget being in a city and just enjoy this area of beautiful countryside, with its rich wildlife and space for recreation. The historical features and monuments scattered around form much of its history and character. You can get lost in the magic of Hampstead Heath.

At home, which room do you spend most time in?

My bedroom. I have a large open bedroom space which doubles as a social area for my entire family. We all enjoy our mornings in there while my youngest daughter gets ready for school and my husband reads the paper. It’s a very special room for us all.

Home is…

My sanctuary.

Shalini Misra Interior and Architectural Design;; 020 7266 6181

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