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Edward Page, co-founder of Pocket London

Pocket London


Edward Page, co-founder of Pocket London, introduces us to a world of Sports Luxe style and vibrant prints

Firstly, are you an Edward or an Ed?

I go with Edward. However, weirdly I’m generally not known as either. Friends have called me Paj since school and it just seemed to stick.

Introduce us to the world of Pocket London.

Pocket London combines a triumvirate of creativity: Louise Thompson, Maya Finkelstein Amrani and myself have come together to make a lifestyle label that transcends the generations and represents zeitgeist ideals.

What’s the style and who’s wearing it?

We have created a leisurewear collection for a generation seeking individualistic expression. It is Sport Luxe at its best. Our designs are inspired by the city we live in, and are worn on the very streets from which they are drawn and created.

The first thing most people will be drawn to are the incredibly striking prints. How did Maya Finkelstein Amrani get involved?

It was a chance meeting, we met Maya at a cool pop-up, we thought her prints were amazing so managed to persuade her to come on board. It has made such a difference working with her as she has great creative enthusiasm and incredible designs.

What different backgrounds have Maya, Louise and yourself come from that have been pulled together to build the company?

When I used the word triumvirate earlier, it explains our partnership well. All three of us keep the company standing in our own way. I run the day to day of the company, Louise has PR pull and publicity due to her role on the television show Made in Chelsea, and Maya is the creative designer so also brings a wealth of experience with her.

Due to the name, is the plan to keep the brand London-based or are there plans for world domination?

We are already selling in Italy, Japan and South Korea, so world domination for sure!

Where is your favourite secret hideaway in west London?

I would have to say Shot Espresso Café in Fulham Broadway. They do great sourdough pizza.

Best way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

Hate to be boring, but probably in the pub watching Arsenal play.

Are you a jeans and a tee kind of man or suited and booted at all times?

It completely depends on the situation. Any chance to dress up, I like to get involved and do tend to get excited… Although I’m equally very happy in my daily casuals.

Can we look forward to menswear from Pocket London or are you strictly for the ladies?

I really don’t think there is such a divide between menswear and womenswear these days. Everything is unisex.


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