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Jada Styles

Jada Styles


Jada Pollock, menswear celeb stylist, on James Goldstein and blacked-out windows

What inspired you to open Jada Styles and what’s its concept?

I worked in the men’s department of Gucci and developed a good relationship with clients, so the shop came about because I wanted to offer my experience as a stylist with a shop. When we opened – Jada Styles has been around for two years – it was a private store with blacked-out windows for complete privacy. We couldn’t continue in this way because we had too many customers to provide a one-on-one service, so we now have a bell!

Who are your customers?

Ninety per cent are premiership footballers and guys in the music industry.

Who has been your hardest-to-dress celeb and why?

I worked on a big shoot in Las Vegas with Philip Line of GQ Style, styling property multi-millionaire and fashion icon James Goldstein, who always wears bandanas and cowboy hats. We had to incorporate cowboy hats into every look.

If you could dress anyone you haven’t already, who would it be and why?

Will Smith because his personality carries off his style and Wayne Rooney because I don’t think he has a distinctive style, so I would like to dress him in something with a bit of an edge.

Do you have an outfit made to shock?

I have a skull hoody which I customized with 1,000 Swarovski crystals.

What’s your top styling tip for guys?

For men less is more: a pared-down, simple look is more effective, whereas for women the opposite is true: we can add accessories to build an outfit.

What fashion item would you save if your crib was burning down?

A Marc Jacobs handbag.

What should the guys be wearing now?

Have you seen the hood and scarf attached together? That, and washed-out denim.

What’s your current bestseller?

A leather jacket by Gold Bunny which David Beckham and Puff Daddy both own.

What’s next for you?

We’re looking into opening a shop in Manchester and we’re also concentrating on our online shop – the internet is the future.

Jada Styles, 353 King’s Road, London, SW10; jadastyles.com; 020 7351 6563

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