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Orit Schreiber on tracking down designers and how she chooses them

You were responsible for jewellery label 10m² being sold all over the world. How do you know what will be commercially successful?

I think it’s instinctive. They say art historians [Orit studied History of Art, started her career in antiques and also worked as an art consultant] are impotent artists. I didn’t have any experience working with jewellery designers when I discovered 10m² [the name comes from the size of the designer’s first workshop], but I do see designers as artists and I enjoy seeing them make a living out of their profession. I enjoy fostering talent and I believe people in the UK are loyal to brands.

Do you continue to travel a lot for your work?

Yes. I found the designer Todo Joia’s work in a shop in Israel, although it took me six weeks to track her down as the shop didn’t want to give me her contact details, even though I insisted there wouldn’t be a conflict of interest. Todo Joia studied architecture and fell into making jewellery by chance. I also think trade shows are important places to discover designers.

What really helped launch your jewellery company?

London Fashion Week in September 2007 gave me my big break.

What’s important in your choice of designers?

Their jewellery has to be wearable. I like to road test the work before I sell it.

Do you have any favourite local designers?

I like Pippa Small [11 Colville Mews, W11; www.pippasmall.com] and EC One [56 Ledbury Road, W11; www.econe.co.uk], although I find myself travelling to Paris and not round the corner often enough.

Why did you choose this area [Westbourne Park Villas, W2] for your new shop?

I wanted it to be a destination shop and I have found that most customers come to buy rather than browse.

Do you think jewellery is a necessity or a luxury?

I think jewellery offers an easy way to update your wardrobe and the jewellery I sell is relatively affordable.

Who is your latest discovery?

Shiri Hyman who works with Efrat, two Israeli designers who are more fashion orientated than the others I stock.

What’s next?

I’d like to have our own range – we’ve started with silk thread, silver bead wish bracelets [£18]. I’d also like to use this shop as a launch pad for new designers. I want to check out art colleges.

Orit London, 95 Westbourne Park Villas, London, W2; www.oritlondon.com; 020 7727 8895

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