What I Know About Style

Hayley Menzies


Eponymous knitwear and accessories brand founder Hayley Menzies on world domination, keeping things simple, Netflix binges and her cat Mouse

I love your Portobello shoots—how would you describe a Portobello girl?

A Portobello girl is vibrant—she commands attention and expects luxury. Her style is effortless and she seeks out unique pieces. She’s equally at ease barefoot in India or dancing at a chic Ibizan club.

How did your signature bohemian style come about?

I just don’t care to be polished… I grew up as the rave scene was exploding and dancing in fields wearing Adidas leggings and trainers at illegal raves was the thing. It’s in my blood. I love natural, I like simplicity and details that inspire my free spirit.

Who are your clients?

My clients are women who share a love for statement pieces that are carefully designed and executed. They want to be asked where they bought their clothes from.

You use ethically sourced materials and recycled fur—what are your thoughts on fast fashion?

I admire Zara and buy their basics, but I love luxury and what luxury stands for creatively and ethically. I upcycle materials where possible and only work with suppliers who have high ethical standards.

How big an influence was your previous career as a model on your life as a designer?

I’m not sure that it has influenced my design career at all actually—I was always told what to wear. Travelling certainly has and the rave scene did too; I used to make my own costumes and the MC would always give me a shout out!

Where did your last holiday take you?

Goa—my spiritual home. I stay in ramshackle beach huts and practice yoga daily. Ive done this for years and it never gets old.

What do you miss when you’re away?

Mouse my cat. Unbearably. My assistant sends me photographs every day.

What are your favourite Notting Hill shops?

I love Goldsmith Vintage on Portobello and the Friday market is dangerous. Very. I’m on first-name terms with most traders. I love Joseph for cashmere and they have a great sale!

What’s the best piece of advice of advice you’ve been given?

Not to do too much—to keep it simple. Did I follow this pearl of wisdom? Absolutely not. I learned the hard way.

What are you most proud of?

My SS18 knitwear collection. It is off-the-scale amazing! But you’ll have to wait another 10 months…

What are you currently reading?

#Girlboss—the accompanying Netflix series has just launched. Binged it in two days… embarrassing!

What’s next?

I’m super ambitious and my business is my world, so world domination please. Thank you!

www.hayleymenzies.com; care@hayleymenzies.com; +44 (0) 208 969 5300

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