Pippa Caley

What inspired you to specialise in embroidered fabrics?

I became obsessed with my sketchbooks at school, and loved creating mini mood boards on a page—it meant I could mix paint with my coloured threads and drawings. But it was finding the Irish embroidery machine at college that then enabled me to recreate my sketchbook pages on fabric by layering all my techniques. My machine is the perfect tool that lets me ‘draw with thread.’ Pippa-Caley-cushions

How would you describe your style?

Very relaxed! I rarely need to be smart at my studio and most days wear my Liberty print Nike trainers (with fluoro orange dots) and Woolrich parka!

What’s your favourite London building?

There are so many but I would have to say the Royal Albert Hall. Although it is a beautiful building I think it is because of the memories I have of it. In my second year at the Royal College of Art my desk looked out over it, which was a pretty amazing view for a student and it was an added bonus to have my graduation inside it.

With regards to your interior design consultancy service, do you prefer commercial or residential projects?

Residential because I find how people live, and their lifestyles, fascinating. A home is so personal and discussing a client’s brief is an interesting process. I particularly like it when my clients get involved with the designs and colours.

Can you name-drop a few clients…

Not specifically, but my acorn leaf headboard and cushions are in the Terrace Suite at the Soho Hotel and The Courtyard Suite at Ham Yard Hotel, so I’m pretty sure some famous people have stayed in those rooms!

Pippa Caley's acorn leaf headboard at Soho Hotel

Pippa Caley’s acorn leaf headboard at Soho Hotel

You’ve recently renovated your own home – what’s your favourite space in it?

I designed a bench seat with a high fluted back in the bright orange Willow fabric that I helped Kit Kemp design for Christopher Farr. It is in the perfect position to look out into the garden so gets lots of light.

Where do you like to eat/drink in your neighbourhood?

I enjoy a pizza and cocktail in Locale on Munster Road.

What are you currently reading?

Sibella Court’s Life of a Bowerbird—I’m drawing inspiration from all the amazing pictures. I love her interiors and love the beautiful things that she collects. It’s fascinating what she puts together, and her colours and textures are incredible; very inspiring.

Where did you last go on holiday?

I went to Australia last year—visiting friends in Sydney and Melbourne. I got lots of inspiration and particularly loved the coast—the beaches were amazing and I did lots of drawings and took some great pictures, which have fed my new digitally-printed linen fabrics. I was there when it was design week so there was a real design atmosphere. I particularly liked the Palings bar in Sydney and the Seamstress in Melbourne!

What are you most proud of?

I’m always proud to see my work on display in the Firmdale Hotels, as it’s incredible seeing them in such a large space that is constantly buzzing with people enjoying themselves!

What’s on your bedside table?

My Kiehl’s handcream.

Who is your favourite artist?

Cy Twombly. I love his pencil scribbles and layering of paint—they have that sketchbook feel that I’m always drawn to. I would love to own one of his pencil drawings!

What’s your life motto?

Life’s too short!

Home is…

A relaxing place where I can escape from my chaotic studio! I have put in a lot of storage so love the contrast of the simple clutter-free space—a total contrast to my day at the studio that is full of printed fabrics and coloured threads!


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