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Obicà, Soho

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Restaurants and bars line the streets of Soho, giving it a constant buzz day and night. Yet, when I find myself tasked with choosing somewhere to eat, my reply is often: ‘I have no idea where to go.’ … Read more →

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Maresco, Soho

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It was one of those desolate nights when Soho can feel like a wasteland. ‘Where is everyone?’. I run through my mental checklist; it isn’t a bank holiday, nor is there a train strike (for once) … Read more →

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Newly opened restaurant Sussex is the latest (and greatest) venture of the Gladwin brothers, following on from the success of The Shed (Notting Hill), Rabbit (on the Kings Road) and Nutbourne (in Battersea). There is culinary history in … Read more →

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