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EMPOWER Online Coaching

The Blurb

Discovering your path to transformation has never been easier. Empower Online Coaching’s comprehensive approach is designed to guide you step-by-step towards your fitness goals and is a “food-positive” approach to building a more confident YOU.

The Process

In the realm of virtual wellness, Empower Online Coaching emerges as a noteworthy beacon of comprehensive health and fitness guidance. Empower stood out for its commitment to a holistic approach that goes beyond the conventional fitness regimen.

The personalised touch of Empower’s coaching team is the heartbeat of its success. The coaches aren’t just knowledgeable; they’re supportive, kind and well…empowering.

My journey begins by filling out a simple form online, then I’m promptly contacted by my coach, the lovely Emma, to begin the straightforward and painless onboarding process. I’m asked questions about my goals, preferences and challenges which all inform the bespoke program created for me by Emma and the Empower team. I can share my specific weight loss/fitness goals, and provide information about my lifestyle. I really love how this information is all gathered right at the beginning; I already feel supported as an individual (and not just another cookie-cutter number on a screen), right from the off.

Everything I need for the coaching journey is housed within Empower’s easy-to-use app: the food plan, the workouts, the step log, the coaching chat etc. The app is also the place where I complete my weekly check-ins, where I share physique photos, measurements, challenges, wins and feedback each week. From this information, Emma is able to offer me advice, make tweaks to my plan, and support me to stay on track.

There are comprehensive strength workouts included in the plan that only require a set of weights to complete, and there is also the option to add your own workouts. Emma is amazing at listening to what I can/can’t/want to/don’t want to do, and somehow manages to come up with a fitness regime that I can (more-or-less) stick to, but also really enjoy! She is flexible and creative when I share that I’m struggling to fit the workouts in around a busy workload, and helps me to stay on plan when I definitely would have given up without her support.

One thing that becomes clearer and clearer the further we progress into the program is that Emma (and no doubt all the other Empower coaches) genuinely cares about her clients and their success. She is compassionate and persistent: I never feel guilty or like I’ve done something wrong if I have a couple of “off days”, but Emma is always there to hold me gently accountable and bring me back to my goals and reasons for starting the journey in the first place. The more I communicate and make use of the in-app coaching chat, the more helpful tips and advice she offers me. She encourages me to be totally honest about what’s going on for me (like accidentally drinking half a bottle of wine and going way over my calories for the day, or being really exhausted from a painful period) so she can meet me where I am and make any necessary tweaks.

This truly personalised approach is so refreshing and really is the keystone of Empower’s success (and raving reviews).

The verdict

Through my 4-month coaching journey with Emma, I lost several inches from all over my body, learnt heaps about food, health and fitness, and felt supported and expertly guided throughout. The real value of the program was brought home to me when I had to sprint from one end of an airport to the other (after realising that I was sitting waiting to board at the wrong gate) and actually being able to do it and make my flight (which I definitely would have missed before my coaching journey with Empower!) I continue to implement all that I learned, even after my official coaching journey came to an end, and I’m so grateful for all the encouragement I received to finally feel healthier, stronger and fitter all while enjoying the process.

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