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'I felt a sense of calm for the rest of the evening'

Mindful Yoga with Nahid

The blurb

It seems in recent years the obsession with yoga has been for the likes of fast-paced Vinyasa flows, Jivamukti and Rocket classes, or for the heat endurance sweatiness of a Bikram studio. But when you experience the non-stop … Read more →

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'It’s a smart and chic room with unfussy tables, stylish cream chairs and dark wooden floorboards'


Lunch Tue—Fri midday—2.30pm, Sat—Sun midday—3pm; dinner Tue—Thu 6pm—9.30pm, Fri—Sat 6pm—10pm

Although it was one of the first foreign foods to be warmed to by British hearts and despite lambrettas, the clothes and the language, Italian grub is not as cool … Read more →

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Butcher's Hook
'Crispy skin on perfectly cooked white fish, alongside salty cockles, all in the lightest of butter sauces'

The Butcher’s Hook

Mon—Thu 11am—11.30pm; Fri 11am—midnight; Sat 10am—midnight; Sun 10am—11.30pm

The style:

Taking over from the much-loved Thatched House pub, this is the second site from husband-and-wife team Gus and Laura Evans. The Butcher’s Hook in Fulham has been going strong for … Read more →

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Feng Sushi platter
'Feng Sushi use sustainably fished seafood'

Feng Sushi

Open Mon–Fri 11.30am–3pm and 6pm–10pm, Sat–Sun midday–10pm. Delivery only

The style:

Ordering take out inevitably doesn’t have quite the same buzz about it as visiting a new restaurant for the first time. Especially since the only place you’re transported to … Read more →

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'It’d be a good place for an illicit liaison...'

The Oak W12

Open Mon–Wed  5pm–11pm, Thu–Fri 5pm–1am, Sat 11am–1am, Sun 11am–10.30pm

Sounds like a pub doesn’t it? It isn’t though; it’s a restaurant. This grand old building is really too beautiful to be sat next to a roundabout. Slip inside in the … Read more →

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