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Teeth Whitening With Dr Wyman Chan

The blurb:

They say the first thing you notice about someone is their smile. Or their shoes. I’m more likely to agree with the former. Teeth whitening has always been popular and even as I child I remember my mum choosing the whitening toothpaste. I’ve previously dabbled with at-home solutions including whitening strips and fads like charcoal toothpaste but this was my first professional treatment.

I was slightly hesitant though as I has heard tales of people being unable to eat ice cream or drink hot drinks without excruciating pain. Luckily my experience was a much better one.

Dr Wyman Chan has a solid reputation specialising in cosmetic dentistry and has been treating A-listers for many years. You will see the likes of Rebel Wilson and Nicole Scherzinger on his walls in his clinic.

The process:

Dr Wyman Chan makes me feel welcome and comfortable despite me arriving twenty minutes early and the clinic isn’t even open. Once the paperwork is done, we have a discussion about how much whiter I want my teeth. He used a spectrophotometer to measure how white my teeth were on the scale, and much to my surprise, my teeth were already a 1.

There were some areas that were 2 so Dr Wyman Chan took care to focus on those. He also highlighted any other issues and gave me a general dental check (a handy bonus). I put in a lip and gum shield to expose my teeth and a pair of goggles with a TV in to pass the time while he worked his magic.

The results:

After the hour is done, my teeth look incredible. Despite having already white teeth, Dr Wyman Chan still managed to get the results I desired. His nurse shows me my new bespoke whitening retainer (moulds are taken at the beginning of the treatment) and goes through in-depth with me how to use these properly for the next two weeks. My teeth look the best they ever have and I experience no pain or sensitivity.

The details:

Teeth whitening starts at £499
Dr Wyman Chan, 93-107 Shaftesbury Ave, W1D 5DY; 0207 439 0888; www.drwymanchan.com

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