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Jawline Filler With Dr Julian De Silva

The blurb:

Dr Julian De Silva is a London based cosmetic surgeon who concentrates on natural looking results. The first thing I notice about The Centre of Facial Cosmetic Surgery, Dr Julian De Silva’s base, is how luxury and high-end everyone and everything is.

The waiting room interior should be in a home décor magazine.  I was nearly tempted to ask where the furniture was from so I could kit out my own apartment to be its double. The welcome from reception was also exemplary. After I had filled out the usual forms I was taken through to the treatment room, a large space with another Instagram-worthy desk and chairs.

The process:

I was welcomed by the nurse who sat down with me and asked what I had planned for today. For previous treatments like this I’d always gone in with a set idea of what I wanted but on this occasion, I went in with an open mind and asked the nurse what could be improved upon. Photos were taken and the nurse went away to show the images to Dr Julian.

After a while, I finally got the pleasure of meeting him – a kind man who made me feel at ease. We talked through my concerns and decided that some filler in my jaw and a little tweak here and there would help balance the profile of my face and provide me with a stronger jawline.

I always opt for anaesthetic if I can have it but Dr Julian reassured me his numbing cream (specially shipped in from Germany) was strong enough. He was right…

Dr Julian comforted me the whole way through and I didn’t feel any pain. I had a slight funny turn when the filler was being injected on my jawline but he made sure to stop until beginning again when I felt better.

The results:

Normally I bruise after every filler but on this occasion I had nothing. My jaw was slightly sore for a day or so after and I could feel the filler when I touched my face but this subsided very quickly and I was left with my amazing new jawline. The results looked completely natural and not overpowering like some I’ve seen.

Dr Julian is a real expert in his field and if you are looking to trust someone completely with your face, I would recommend him.

The details:

Dr Julian De Silva, The Centre of Facial Cosmetic Surgery, 23 Harley Street; 0208 748 2860;londonfacialplasticsurgery.co.uk;prices upon consultation

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