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Permanent Eyeliner At Sian Dellar

The blurb:

Permanent makeup is something that’s always interested me as I had my eyebrows tattooed on at quite an early age due to Trichotillomania, a hair-pulling disorder. Luckily it was just my eyebrows and not my hair. However, I wish someone had told me how much of a big deal eyebrows were going to be and I might have swapped it out for a different bad habit.

Sian Dellar specialises in microblading eyebrows and permanent makeup including eyeliner and lip colour. The idea of having someone tattoo your eye line or lips always terrified me as I’m a baby when it comes to pain and having my eyebrows done was hard enough. Despite the fear, I decided to book myself in to get permanent eyeliner.

The process:

I arrived at Sian’s Harley Street clinic, and after getting slightly lost I eventually arrived at her door. I was welcomed by Jaya, her lovely PA, who offered me a drink and applied the much-needed numbing cream straight away. I went through the standard paperwork whilst the numb cream worked its magic.

I went through to the treatment room and finally met Sian who made me feel instantly at ease and comfortable. I draw black eyeliner on my top lid pretty much every day of my life so we spoke through the look I was going for. I could choose between ‘enhancement’ of the ‘wedge look.’ I went for the wedge look, as I knew if I just went for the enhancement, I’d end up drawing them on every day. Sian drew them on, putting the ten years of practice I have to shame, and once I was happy she began.

Now I won’t lie and say the treatment is painless. I did feel it but Sian’s calming nature put me at ease and I felt comfortable enough to say when the pain got too much for me. She would then reapply the numbing cream and start again.

The whole process took about 45 minutes on the table to ensure the colour was deep enough. By the time she was finished, it looked perfect!

The results:

Once the process had been completed, I was left with gorgeous, but slightly sore, contoured eyes. Sian sent me away with instructions on care and healing gel that I had to apply twice a day.

When I had my eyebrows done, I struggled with how dry they got, but with my eyeliner, I haven’t struggled at all. It’s been painless, easy and the colour hasn’t faded in the slightest. I haven’t needed to apply makeup once (not that it’s allowed anyway) and I’m loving the time it saves me in the morning.

My only tip would be to go and have LVL done a couple of days before so you won’t miss not having mascara on whilst you heal.

The details:

Permanent eyeliner starts at £450
Sian Dellar, 1 Harley Street, London W1G; www.permanentmakeup-specialist.com; 020 7717 9665

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