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LVL Lashes at the London Lash Studio

The blurb:

Since I had my first LVL experience, I’ve been pretty addicted. Mostly because when I don’t have it done, my lashes are straight as arrows, and will not curl naturally, however hard I try. London Lash studio was the next salon I tried, and I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest.

Jade, my beautician sat me down and went through the different types of curls you can get, me initially opting for the curliest one, her renegotiating for the one below as my eyelashes are very long and she was worried they would be too curled up – we decided to go for her recommendation.

The process:

I’ve had LVL before so the process wasn’t a surprise. The perm lotion was applied, followed by the glue to set the treatment and left on for 30 mins – a great excuse to shut your eyes for a while! The process is very comfortable and there’s no pain or unwelcome prods or pokes that I felt when having the lash extensions, if anything, its very relaxing.

The results:

After the tint was removed, I was left with beautiful lashes once more, not the sticks I had before. Perfectly curled and darkened, it genuinely looked like I had mascara on. To this day, it still does!

The details:

London Lash Studio, 97 Moore Park Road, SW6 2DA; 07544181821; www.londonlashstudio.co.uk: LVL starts at £55

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