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Absolute Pilates Plus reformer

Pilates at Absolute Pilates Plus

The Blurb:

Absolute Pilates Plus specialises in Dynamic Reformer Pilates (but also offers a variety of other workouts), which is a machine-based full-body, core-conditioning workout designed to develop muscle strength and endurance, cardio respiratory endurance, flexibility and posture. The result is a lean and balanced body. Absolute Pilates Plus promises to change your body after three classes; with persistence you will be able to achieve the absolute body you have been striving for.

The Process:

The workouts take place in a bright and airy loft space with only eight reformer beds, so there is plenty of individual attention from the trainer. Aaron took my first class. He has worked in many areas of the fitness industry including working with the NHS developing health and fitness programmes for schools, and it shows. I was struggling with one of the first stretches and he correctly guessed that it was because I run regularly and have tight hamstrings.

 Aaron took us through the stretch followed by a series of exercises using the spring-loaded Pilates reformer bed, small weights, magic circle and stretch bands with enthusiasm and plenty of individual attention.

The Result:

The workout is definitely perfect for toning muscles fast. It would need to be combined with a cardio exercise for a full-body workout (Absolute Pilates Plus also offers cardio classes such as spinning and kick boxing) but it was nice to finish a good workout without getting too hot and sweaty.

First class free; one class £20; 20 classes £300.

Absolute Pilates Plus, Unit G, 19 Heathman’s Road, London, SW6; www.absolutepilatesplus.com; 020 7731 3704

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