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So I’ve come to a point where I can no longer see the pros of smoking, but can see an awful lot of cons.

Where my teenage self saw a nonchalant drag on a cigarette as rebellious, and, dare I say it, chic.  I now see it as a positive drag (sorry) at social occasions.

Add to that a growing awareness that I am not, in fact, immortal, along with a greater concern about developing cancer, emphysema, yellow fingers, and an inability to taste wine, well then, Houston, we have a problem.

The greatest catalyst in my desire to quit has been the realisation that, having started at 14, I’ve smoked for exactly half of my life. That’s a stark wake up call.

I also have a near terror of ageing, so it makes absolutely no sense to do the one single thing that’s guaranteed to accelerate this process – I even came across some pretty convincing evidence linking smoking with sagging breasts….

All of this is why I find myself sat in my ordinary local café, on an ordinary Friday, seriously contemplating embarking on Stoptober. I’m currently torn between using nicotine gum or microtabs to take the edge off any cravings, and seeing a smoking cessation hypnotist, or, both.

However I go about it, I’ve decided to take on various challenges across the month, these include assessing how my sense of taste improves as I smoke less, monitoring my ability to taste particular foods and recipes. Along with taste I’ll be smelling everything I pass – I’m curious to see how much my sense of smell could improve as well.

I’m also going to take a good hard look at my complexion, hair, nails and teeth. All of which can only benefit without a daily onslaught of toxins flooding my body from head to toe.

I’ve found out that Boots the pharmacist have a Smoke Less Plan, and a NikAssist range to help people along the way. They have loads of great tips, such as ways to take your mind off cravings, translating the benefits into immediate gratification, for example spending the money you would have spent on tobacco, on something for yourself, hanging out in places where smoking isn’t an option, and keeping a motivational diary of why you want to quit, with post its and reminders around the house.

A Boots Smoking Adviser can also help you identify your smoking patterns and triggers, go through your reasons for wanting to cut down or stop smoking, discuss any concerns you might have, and discuss what you may have learnt from previous attempts to control your smoking.

They also offer several different nicotine replacement options, from gum, to patches to inhalators, lozenges, microtabs, mists, and nasal sprays.

For more information click here: Boots UK Stop Smoking 

There will also be a Twitter conversation to discuss smoking, stoptober and the best ways to quit from 1-2pm on 16th October #bootsukstoptober


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