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Bronze age Electric Hair

The Bronze Age – Electric Hair

Whether it be hair colour or hair accessories, it has become the season of bronze! Here at Electric, we are finding that there is a new favourite colour among clients, bronde — a hybrid of blonde and brown tones.

Stepping away from the platinums and white blondes that we have seen over the past few seasons, ‘bronde’ is a celebration of a more natural look for the coming season. The degree of blonde to brown ratio is entirely dependent on your skin tone; your stylist will be able to decipher the correct shade to suit your colouring.

'Bronde' hair

‘Bronde’ is the hair colour of the moment

A toner is used on lightened hair (usually when bleaching) if the tones created by the blonde have yellow or orange accents. The toner neutralises these harsh tones using opposing hints of blue and lilac to create a more natural-looking, softer colour. This is done after rinsing the colour, on towel-dried hair and can take up to 15 minutes at the backwash.

When having hair lightened, sometimes the colour can become slightly dull or even lighten over time between your colouring sessions. This could be due to the toner used in the salon fading through washing and can be avoided by using the correct products. At Electric, we are more than happy to re-tone your hair in between colours, ask your stylist about it at your next appointment.

Bronde hair

Maintain the vividness of your bronde by using the correct products

Top Tip: To prolong your colour’s intensity and shine, always use products that are specifically designed to protect the hair from colour fade and keep the hair hydrated to increase shine. We recommend using Electric Colour Protect Shampoo and Conditioner, which contain shea butter and sunflower seed oil. These specific ingredients soften your hair while sealing in colour to achieve added vibrancy and a lustrous, all day shine.

Hydrated hair

Keep hair hydrated to increase shine


Bronde is popular amongst everyone from actresses to models right now

The Hair Accessory — Bronze Leaf

Forget hair clips and sparkly Christmas hair adornments, it’s all about using the hair as a canvas. In our most recent #ElectricSessions, our Principal Stylist, Patrick from Electric Liverpool, demonstrated the cracked bronze and gold leaf look which he has used in recent editorial photo shoots.

Bronze hair

Gold leaf directly applied to hair is a striking and effective look

Top Tip: Blow dry the hair in the direction you want the hair to fall to make a smooth base. Using a mix of strong gel and water, create a good base to crumble the leaf onto the hair or, alternatively, use the sheet as a whole for a more covered appearance. If this look is just a bit too much, try a line of glitter on the parting instead. Make sure it’s a clean parting and apply as much or as little as you like!

Bronze hair decoration

You can also utilise more subtle bronze accessorising to pull off the look

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