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Love your ‘Lob’ – Electric Hair

The ‘long bob’ has been the haircut of the moment, seeing many clients flocking through the doors to have the chop. Celebrities are doing it and so are we!

Although a shorter style, the ‘Lob’ is definitely a versatile look, but what happens if you get a little bit bored of the ‘style of the moment’? We’ve devised three key steps to stay in love with your lob:

1. Go Shorter

You could go for the chop and recreate Emma Stone’s amazing waved bob that she debuted at the Venice Film Festival, going from a lob to a bob.

Going from a lob to a shorter bob

Going from a lob to a shorter bob

If you find you are not that brave, you could fake it! Here at Electric, we think the ‘faux bob’ will be THE hair to have this autumn/winter. Read our ‘Faux Bob’ blog post for the best way to create the look and look out for our Christmas how-to pieces, which will feature the faux bob, but with a twist!

2. Loving The Length

You like the length but you want to switch up your style slightly. Try a different cutting technique such as a club cut or blunt ends — this will give the look a more dramatic edge. Use the Electric Smoothing Cream before blow-drying to create the perfect finish to a blunt lob.

Different styles of lob

Keep your lob fresh by styling it in different ways, such as with a blunt cut or multi-wear fringe

Having a multi-wear fringe is the perfect way to take your lob into the new season. This can be worn both to the side and as a full fringe, giving versatility to the style. Keep your style fresh and alternate between a wavy or a sleek finish. Creative Director and celebrity hairstylist Mark Woolley suggests using Electric’s Volume Liquid Mist for both sleek and tousled finishes. Use on the roots of damp hair before styling to plump the roots and create great volume. Spray from a distance onto dry hair to create texture and body instantly.

3. Start The Growing-Out Process

If you decided to start growing out the lob, the best thing to do would be to have your hair cut so that the front carries most of the weight. Changing the weight line in this way will make your hair appear longer and is a great basis for starting the growing process!

Growing out your lob

Have the front of your hair carry the weight if you want to grow out your lob

Top Tip: Use Electric Serum on the mid-lengths and ends to tame flyaways and split ends.

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