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Best of BRYT

  1. BRYT Nourish Serum; Easily absorbed and quick to dry, the Nourish Serum was effective and quick to use. Like all of the BRYT products tested; you are greeted by a pleasant, but not overpowering scent and with just a few pumps of serum, you are able to cover the whole face. The serum left the skin feeling cared for, however the product worked best in conjunction with a moisturiser.
  2. BRYT Daily Moisturiser SPF 15; Those of you who know the burden of fair skin will understand the appeal of daily moisturiser with SPF protection. Unlike other SPF 15 moisturisers out there, BRYT’s daily moisturiser left the skin feeling non-greasy and light. Once absorbed, there was a very pleasing matte look and so this would be perfect for those who suffer from oily skin.
  3. BRYT Boost Serum; This serum lives up to it’s name and is perfect for a quick refresh for your skin. Best used ‘the day after the night before’; powering through what was yesterday, a heavily made up face, helping to freshen and intensely cleanse. Out of all of the products tested, this was by far my favourite. After just one application, my skin felt softer and healthier.
    image                                                                                                                                                                                    Available at www.brytskincare.co.uk
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