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5 tips for staying healthy when you’re overwhelmed with work

No matter what kind of job you do, or how long you’ve been doing it, high stress and anxiety can happen to us all. If you’re working long hours and aren’t looking after your mind and body, it can soon lead to burnout. Staying productive and sifting through your workload is important, so you need to be in the right frame of mind both mentally and physically to pull through. With that in mind, here are some handy tips on how to stay healthy when you’re stressed with work.

Take Time for Yourself

If you’re working every hour under the sun, there will be little time for yourself. Regardless of the financial benefit of overtime, it can come at a price to your health and wellbeing. If work is getting too much, you need to find some time for yourself. Whether this involves getting more sleep, taking up a hobby, or running a relaxing bath, you need to do things that bring enjoyment, otherwise, you will burn out quickly. Don’t feel guilty about taking some time for yourself.

Practice Deep Breathing

When your workload builds and builds, you may feel like you’re never going to get on top of things. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a minute to practice deep breathing exercises. You can do this at your office desk, at home, or anywhere where you can sit down for five minutes. Having some time to destress can make an enormous difference to your mood, and help you feel more upbeat. As well as deep breathing techniques, you may find meditating useful for combatting stress and keeping healthy.

Build a Strong Support Network

If things are getting too much at work, having an outlet to release any stress and tension is essential. Therefore, building a strong support network of family and friends will mean you have someone to speak to after a long, tiring day. You should never bottle up your thoughts and feelings, as this will only make the situation worse. A healthy mind is a happy one, so having a loved one to confide in can be a big help. We all go through rough patches at work, so don’t feel embarrassed about being open and honest.

Watch What You Eat

During the working day, you may consume multiple cups of coffee and junk food to keep your energy levels up. While they may give you a surge of energy, you’re likely to feel rundown much quicker. If you’re stressed with work, changing what you eat can help you stay healthy. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, and foods packed with protein is key. When it comes to prepping and preparing healthy meals, there are apps you can download which have all your meals sorted.


We all know how important physical activity is for our mental and physical health. Exercise helps you manage your weight better, improves your mental health and mood, and boosts cognitive function. When your workload is too much to bear, taking some time away from the desk and swapping it for a high-intensity workout can release any stress and anxiety you’re facing. Whether you go for a jog on your lunch break, head to the gym, or work out from home, there are lots of opportunities to exercise during the day which can boost productivity, keep your spirits up, and help you return to your workload feeling fresh and ready to get stuck back in.

When you’re overwhelmed with work, your overall health and wellbeing can take a knock. You need to be in the right mindset to perform at your best, so make sure to utilise all the tips above which can help you stay healthy and happy both in and out of the office.

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