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On 26 November DECIEM will ‘Take Back Black Friday’

Introducing ‘Slowvember’

For the whole month of November, DECIEM will be switching on Slowvember, a month-long initiative of conscious and considered experiences for our customers placing focus on the appreciation of small things. They will be offering a 23% saving across all products for the entire month – encouraging deliberate, considered purchases.

The DECIEM website will take a pause, and our products will not be available to purchase at any of their stores around the world. Instead, they will use the time to focus on connections over transactions, taking URL clicks to IRL connections.

Deciem retail stores across the world will be hosting experiential activities that provide time to focus on connections over transactions, sharing experiences that encourage a comfortable pace and celebrating the beauty of slowing down.

Black Friday is a time of year that celebrates hyperconsumerism and pressures, panic-stricken consumers, into impulse purchases in order to secure a discount. For its third consecutive year, DECIEM is taking back Black Friday, by reimagining traditional sales periods and welcoming Slowvember, a journey into a new, gentle world, after an isolated year.

Slowvember is a month for the thinkers, the researchers. The people who appreciate taking the time to pause and reflect before making a decision. For those who take it slow. For everyone that knows that normal wasn’t working. The gentle ones.

On Take Back Black Friday, DECIEM will offer its global retail locations as a place where shoppers can take a moment to relax where customers can experience live music, local refreshments and take part in musical and artistic workshops. As a brand that celebrates community, DECIEM will be working with local artists and companies, with all of the artist suggestions submitted by the DECIEM family.

Doing the right thing by our people and planet

Hyper Consumerism poses one of the biggest threats to our planet and DECIEM no longer feels comfortable being involved in a single day that is centred on encouraging unnecessary purchasing. Not only is the Earth feeling pressure due to increased demand for resources, but it is also overloaded with the byproduct of human consumption.

As a company that is working hard to ensure it’s minimizing its impact on the earth, it seems counterproductive to take part in a day so heavily focused on the overconsumption of things consumers simply do not need.

“As per the UN, should the global population reach 9.6 billion by 2050, the equivalent of almost three planets could be required to provide the natural resources needed to sustain current lifestyles. We invite our audience to take a conscious approach to their purchases, taking the time across the month of November to shop and explore slowly, whilst ensuring they are purchasing items that work for them.

At DECIEM, we are working towards minimizing the impact our products have on the earth, including looking at our packaging, water and energy use across our offices and supply chain Globally. Whilst we have started our journey, we are still not a sustainable company. Initiatives such as our Slowvember campaign encourage everyone to do better for a lasting planet”.

Jackie Kankam, Director of Sustainability and Social Impact at DECIEM


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