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'The service we received is absolutely faultless thanks to the friendly, attentive staff'


Sun–Thu midday–10pm, Fri–Sat midday–11pm

The blurb

My ears pricked at the words ‘healthy’ and ‘salads’ and I knew I had to pay a visit to Cocotte, a ‘healthy rotisserie’ bistro on Westbourne Grove. Serving 24-hour marinated, slow cooked, free-range rotisserie … Read more →

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'The whole place is designed like an expensive yacht'

Chucs Westbourne Grove

Mon–Sat 8am–11.30pm, Sun 11am–6.30pm

The blurb

Having previously eaten at sister pub Chucs Bar & Grill on Dover Street, I knew the Italian culinary delights we were in for. Chucs draws its inspiration, decor and vibes from life in Lake … Read more →

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'How wonderful, too, to have found the place---and the food---so truly loveable'

Egg Break

Mon–Sun 8am–10pm

I’ve always had a troubled relationship with the egg. When I was younger, it was something to be shunned from my plate—not detested, perhaps, but certainly not enjoyed. As I grew up, it became a sort of culinary … Read more →

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'Simple, healthy, delicious'

Casa Cruz

Mon–Wed midday–10pm, Thu midday–10.30pm, Fri–Sat midday–11pm, Sun midday–9pm

The blurb:

There isn’t any. Juan Santa Cruz, the dapper Chilean-born investment banker-turned-proprietor, favours discreet glamour, from the low key website (a simple line drawing with contact details) to the unmarked, gleaming … Read more →

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'As the flatmates say, come with three friends and leave with 10'

The Little Yellow Door

Wed 6pm–11pm, Thu 6pm–midnight, Fri–Sat 6pm–1am, Sun–Tue closed

Last Wednesday, I joined a Mexican-inspired ‘Kitchen Supper’ at The Little Yellow Door, thrown weekly in honour of the arrival of their new ‘flatmate’, Alejandro de Muntoyo Suza Jesus. Having previously visited … Read more →

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'Tania Steytler uses the freshest ingredients for her take on Denmark’s famous open-faced sandwiches'

Snaps + Rye

Open Tue–Sat 8am–6pm; Sun 10am–6pm; Fridays for FishFriday* 6.30pm–9pm

Located on the doorstep of north Notting Hill’s bustling weekend street market, London’s only Danish café is a perfect fit for the charming, cosmopolitan area. Owners Jacqueline and Kell Skött, of … Read more →

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West Thirty Six 'is a looker alright'

West Thirty Six

Open daily 11am–1am

Arguably, the arrival of West Thirty Six on the wrong end of Golborne Road reveals how gentrified (that dreaded g-word) the area has become, but I have to admit I welcomed its arrival (who doesn’t like pretty … Read more →

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'Plus One called it "Pasta with Bottle" and loved it'

Piccola Cucina

Open Mon–Wed midday–3pm; Thu, Fri, Sat and Sun midday–11pm

The Plus One has the appetite and impatience of a boy. He remonstrated all the way to Piccola Cucina: he was famished and he was cold. As soon as we arrived … Read more →

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'The Eggs Benedict was served with what seemed like a kilo of treacle-roasted ham'

New Tom’s

Mon—Wed 9am—5pm; Thu—Sat 9am—5pm and 6pm—midnight; Sun 9.30am—5pm

The style:

Opening on the site of the much-loved Tom’s Deli, this is the latest addition to the Tom Conran group of eateries, all of which are on Westbourne Park Road or … Read more →

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Goode & Wright
'You know it’s a good meal when you save bits of your food for your eating partner'

Goode & Wright

Tue—Fri 11am—11pm, Sat 9am—11pm, Sun 10am—4pm

The style:

A brunch spot on Portobello Road should, by rights, be pretentious and full of irritating people who use ‘brunch’ as a verb. Mercifully Goode & Wright are bucking a trend (that might … Read more →

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