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Claire, Steven and Fiona



Rellik's Fiona Stuart, Steven Philips and Claire Stansfield, on their very own relics and guilty pleasures

What inspired you to join forces and launch Rellik?

We made the move to open Rellik as the next step from our stalls in Portobello. It was a natural progression.

Why did you decide to stay in the Portobello Road area?

We knew the area well. The shop was a great opportunity and it was the wrong end of Portobello; the right side for us!

What do your individual approaches bring to the collection?

As there are three of us, there are three individual tastes. Something for everyone.

What is the most interesting vintage item you have found and why?

Steven: Rare 69 seditionaries and a Westwood punk piece – a one-off made by Vivienne’s fair hands.
Claire: A Nicki Boden lobster broach; a piece of art. What jewellery should be about.
Fiona: A 1936 Schiaparelli sequined evening jacket; a piece of history.

Can you tell us where you source your vintage items?

If we told you, we would then have to kill you…

How would you describe your personal styles?

Machine washable.

Do you up-cycle?

Only by restoration for resale.

What item of clothing could you not live without?

Steven: Black T-shirts.
Claire: A Lara Bohinc ring.
Fiona: Brogues.

Do you personally collect anything?

Steven: Westwood and Galliano.
Claire: Handbags and paintings.
Fiona: Jewellery

What’s your life philosophy?

Rellik’s philosophy is quality, not quantity.

If you could travel back in time, where and when would you go?

Steven: Andy Wharhol’s factory.
Claire: Studio 54.
Fiona: Truman Copote’s Black and White ball.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Steven: Elizabeth Taylor.
Claire: Mark Wright from The Only Way Is Essex.
Fiona: Chocolate.

Rellik, 8 Golborne Road,  London, W10; www.relliklondon.co.uk; 020 8962 0089

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