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Kaminee Buttani



Kaminee Buttani, founder of Kaneshka, on having a zest for sunshine and the perfect item for a summer cocktail party

What inspired the concept for Kaneshka?

Living in England for over 20 years and having been struck by the affinity of British people towards India, I always thought there was an opportunity to bring a flavour of the East to what people wear.

What do you love about India?

The culture, the food, the sights and sounds, the hospitality of people. Oh and not to forget the weather, too! India is the perfect escape during the depths of January and mid-winter blues in London.

What are you most proud of and why?

The feedback that I get from satisfied customers. Not being a formal designer by any means, hearing warm compliments from clients about the fit and cut of a garment that they have worn gives me my job satisfaction.

What is your favourite season and why?

Summer – I love the sunshine! It is the zest for summer and being outdoors that inspires much of work that I do.

Where do you like to holiday and why?

The south of France. No better place to relax, switch off, enjoy good food and wine, spend time with family and have a good time.

Who is your style icon and why?

Jackie Onassis – she never believed in fashion, she just believed in style.

What is your favourite piece from the current collection?

The hand-painted chiffon silk kaftans – these are timeless classics and make the perfect item for a summer cocktail party.

How would you describe your personal style?

Smart casual, but not too much of either.

 Who are your customers?

Our products appeal to women of all ages. Notable clients include Jerry Hall, Brooke Shields, Stefanie Powers and Lady Lloyd Webber. I confess I am poor at recognising the more famous clients – usually someone has to point these out to me!

What are your aspirations for this year?

To learn a new language (French) and travel somewhere new.

 What’s your philosophy on life?

Happiness comes from within.

 Any guilty pleasures?

Shoes. A girl can never have too many.

Kaneshka, The Square, Richmond, Surrey, TW9; www.kaneshka.co.uk; 020 8948 5728

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