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CC Clarke


Beauty influencer, singer and founder of Castaway Beauty, CC Clarke, chats careers, wigs and her all-time best beauty hacks

How did your influencer journey begin?

I started to document my make-up and fashion journey by giving out the information on what I was using and wearing out to people.  I was getting asked for it all the time when I was gigging. I started an Instagram and it went from there; I never expected in a million years it would blow up like it has, I feel so grateful. I really love what I do and always want to push myself to achieve more. I also want to provide my followers with true and accurate reviews and feedback on products as well.

What originally inspired you to create wigs?

I’ve always loved wearing wigs! I was doing a lot of music shows and I was keen to change my look and didn’t want to damage my hair. I found that it was getting really expensive and also the wigs that looked more natural and were good quality were really pricey. I wanted to create a range and a product that I would wear myself and that was also affordable. I saw a gap in the market to create wigs that were great quality but didn’t cost a lot. I wanted to bring an alternative out for young girls that didn’t have a lot of money. When I was growing up I couldn’t afford much so it’s important to me to cater to my followers who maybe don’t always have much to spend on a wig but want to look amazing too.

What are your top tips for wig wearing?

Always pluck the hairline of the wig to make it look a little bit more sparse and use concealer on the parting so it matches your own skin tone. If you’re in a rush, pull on a beanie or a cap to cover up the messy hairline. Also, you can pull out your own baby hairs so it blends in better and looks like your own.

Tell us about why you started Castaway Beauty?

I really enjoyed putting my name to all the wigs I was wearing but I wanted this to stand on its own and to build a brand. I want it to be a one-stop beauty shop – you can get the full look for a night out. I am growing the brand from just wigs to more products. It’s a really big passion of mine to grow this brand and I can’t wait to share more details soon.

How do you juggle your singing career, social media and beauty business?

With difficulty! It’s so important to have a great team around you and I’m really lucky in that respect. Also, it all goes hand in hand. I feel so grateful that make-up brands are supporting me both on the make-up side of things and also as a music artist. Sharing music through make up is combining my two favourite things. I also try and prepare my make-up tutorials for when I know I’m going to be in the studio and have my head down recording. I can’t remember the last time I took a day off but when you love what you do then you don’t need to. Luckily I can survive on about 6 hours of sleep a night!

What are you most excited about for 2019?

Releasing more music, working with amazing brands and doing my first ever music video. There will be wigs, makeup and some really exciting surprises. Watch this space!

What would be your desert island beauty pick, if you could just choose one?

It would have to be a contour stick. You can use them on your eyes, as a bronzer and as a foundation. They are amazing and you can literally create a full look with them.

What is all time favourite beauty hack?

If you smudge your mascara, don’t wipe it off. This will ruin the surrounding makeup. Instead, let it dry and then scratch it away with an eyebrow brush it will flake off.

How do you switch off from the online world?

I’m obsessed with my cats I love them – and my friends aren’t in the industry so when I’m with them we don’t look at our phones at all.

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