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Annie Haak

Jewellery designer Annie Haak


Jewellery designer Annie Haak on loving the King's Road, being inspired by Bali, and her design process

What inspired you to set up your own company?

I have always had a creative background, but it wasn’t until my husband had an accident in Bali that I was led to design my signature charm while waiting for him to recover in hospital (he is, of course, fine and well).

Starting in your garden shed, Annie Haak Designs has grown at an incredible rate. What’s the secret to your success?

I’m still working that one out, but I am overwhelmed by how the company has grown and I owe it to my wonderful customers.

How did you come to live in Bali?

My husband and I first went to Bali for a holiday but absolutely fell in love with the outstanding beauty, peacefulness and people of Bali – so much so that we decided to buy a house.

What does Bali life mean to you?

Bali is an incredibly inspirational country, where I am lucky to spend so much of my time. There are many aspects to Bali life that are reflected in my designs, from local flora and magical people to the colours and patterns found at the local markets and villages.

Why is love and support such an important part of Annie Haak Designs?

Because many of my designs carry a special meaning by way of mantras or symbols, which can make anyone feel special and beautiful.

The logo of three hearts represents your children. How have they helped influence the growing brand?

My three children have been a massive influence while the company has been growing through their help and support. I am also lucky enough to have three beautiful grandchildren who are giving me inspiration for Annie Haak designs in the future.

What is the process of designing a new collection?

As a designer I don’t follow trends or fashion. I design using colours or patterns that stand out. The rich tapestry of Bali life provides me with endless inspiration, and my designs come from the heart.

Having a career where you can design jewellery while living in such a stunning country must not really feel like work. What’s the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is designing jewellery that I love and get to wear on a daily basis but, even more, seeing others wearing my designs.

When you return to London, where’s your west London hangout or favourite place to spend the day?

I love coming back to London for the weekends; I stay in Battersea with my daughter. I walk across the river to my absolute favourite spot, the King’s Road. I love everything about the King’s Road, not just the shops, the restaurants, the buildings and the people—it is close to my heart due to my brother having had a tiny flat next door to the Blue Bird Café – alas no longer though.

Other than your own designs, do you have any pieces of jewellery you’re rarely found without?

There is one piece of jewellery you will always see me wearing and that is the most beautiful diamond ring, designed by my sister and worn by my mother. I keep this close to me so I can always have my dear Mum around. I also have a gold charm bracelet given to me when I was 12 from mama and papa.

How do you spend your travel time?

I am a workaholic so most journeys I find myself either doing costings for new collections or drawing new designs in my sketchbook.

What is the future dream for Annie Haak?

I would love to see Annie Haak Designs grow even more and to continue to sell fabulous jewellery—my goal is to open a flagship store on London’s King’s Road.

Annie Haak Designs; www.anniehaakdesigns.co.uk

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