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Alix Bonessi


Alix Bonessi, founder of women's luxury leather flats brand Bonessi Ballerinas, on glamourous comfort, architecture and staying exclusive

Do you have a favourite design?

I love them all as each one has its own unique story and personality, but I think my favourite is actually going to be in the new Spring/Summer range coming soon…

Would you say you prefer fashion or style?

Style—fashions come and go and can be bought into but style is timeless and cannot be acquired. You either have it or you don’t.

Other than shoes, what are you passionate about?

I love to travel and am passionate about art and architecture, hence the photos on our social media accounts, most of which are taken by the Bonessi team and I. Life can be very hectic in London so I think it’s important to take some time out occasionally to see the world and experience all the different cultures that are out there.

Do you have any favourite west London hang-outs?

Ealing is changing all the time. It has become very modern and even more trendy. One of my old time favourite places is the Grange Pub and I also love the Italian Pizza place Santa Maria for a great authentic Italian pizza.

Do you have any secret west London discoveries?

I like spending lazy, sunny days in Gunnersbury Park. It’s the perfect hidden location for a summer picnic or a stroll around the beautiful gardens.​

What makes Bonessi ballet pumps different?

Bonessi has essentially captured the glamour and elegance of a high heel in the design of a ballerina shoe. Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, our ballerinas ensure comfort remains at the heart of each unique design; the foremost priority being to provide the delicate female foot with maximum support.

In order to achieve this, we have spent years researching and analysing the anatomy of the foot in order to allow us to perfect the signature Bonessi cushioned inner sole—one that curves around the heel and arches of the feet with incomparable results. This unique design caters perfectly for the female physique; eliminating the daily tension that can be experienced whilst wearing shoes for extended periods.

The cushioned layers within the inner sole ensure feet remain adequately and expertly supported throughout the day and as a result, we are so confident in the design and quality of our ballerinas that we offer a full refund to anyone who is not 100% happy with them.

Where would you like to see Bonessi in 10 years’ time?

There are already exciting things on the horizon for Bonessi, as we will shortly be launching our Spring/Summer range of exclusive, high quality leather Bonessi Espadrilles made from sustainably-sourced materials. Reviews to date suggest these are set to be the new ‘must-have’ item of the summer for the London fashion scene.

In 10 years’ time, I would like to see Bonessi having grown with the times and still be producing the highest quality comfortable flat shoes of the moment, whichever style that might be, for only a handful of special individuals to enjoy. I don’t ever want the brand to become commercialised.

Alix Bonessi is an entrepreneur, financier and founder of London fashion house Bonessi Ltd, which launched its first collection of women’s luxury leather shoes, Bonessi Ballerinas, in 2015.

Having grown up in Vienna and London, where Alix has spent most of his life, he has always been passionate about fashion and style and was further inspired by high-flying female friends in the city to create a luxury shoe brand that could provide exceptional comfort and ​quality as well as style. He didn’t see why women should have to rush around in uncomfortable heels when they could look just as elegant, stylish and successful in a pair of luxury ballerinas. He believed his ballerinas would allow the busy, hardworking ladies of London to achieve more and strive for success in comfort.

Alix shared his initial idea with his closest friends and began producing bespoke leather ballerinas for a number of female family members and friends in 2010 to test the concept. Following their rave reviews, he established Bonessi Ltd with his a small team in 2011, with the aim of creating a global brand synonymous with luxury. Bonessi Ltd was born, and with it Bonessi Ballerinas.

It took over four years to launch the first collection, with the launch date postponed several times to ensure the ballerinas were perfect in every way before they were finally released. Although now available for more to enjoy, Alix is still keen for the brand to remain exclusive so only a small quantity of individually designed ballerinas are ever crafted for those who appreciate the unique style, quality and concept of Bonessi.


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